5 Things You Must Ensure Before Moving to a New Warehouse

Warehouses are a must-have if you deal in manufacturing. If you don’t have a sufficient place to have your own warehouse, you can always get one on lease. In this article, we have discussed 5 things you must ensure before moving to a new warehouse. With the help of this article, you can make the most out of your rented facility, with fewer mistakes. Let’s take a look at our top consideration for renting or leasing a warehouse.

1. Truck Yard

The storage area is dedicated to storing items. But, you need to be equally cautious about the truck yard. With business increasing, your yard requirements will also change significantly, so you must devise an efficient plan and a long-term strategy for trucks transporting luggage to and from your warehouse. As your warehouse needs can change in the near future, make sure that the operations don’t get interrupted because of any inbound carriers.

To reduce the inbound traffic during peak season, many companies get their supplies dropped at the dock door while they are kept in trailers. If you are considering a similar option, you must have a clear figure of inbound trailers in your facility. Likewise, some companies opt for trailers getting dropped at their doorsteps to cope up with the peak season traffic and load but of course, this cannot be an option for those companies that have small truck yards.

2. Floor Condition

For all warehouse businesses, it is important to evaluate the floor condition thoroughly. Since the floor will be subject to all kinds of behaviors from workers and heavy forklifts, you don’t want to engage yourself with floor repairs the day you have signed the warehouse lease. The condition of the floor has an impact on the operations, productivity, and performance of the business. A worn-out floor is difficult to clean and maintain. If you are into the manufacturing business, it becomes all the more important to fix the floor because an uneven floor can slow down operations and affect the overall performance of a business. If you have to worry about the floor every now and then, a lot of time and money would become dedicated for maintenance purposes only.

We recommend you check the floors thoroughly to make sure that they won’t need repairs any time soon.

3. Working Environment

Most businesses believe that ensuring a working environment is not mandatory for warehouses. However, it is a big mistake. Although you don’t need to ensure top-notch air-conditioning, you can’t completely overlook it. A warehouse must have sufficient airflow and ventilation. As warehouses are the pick zones and assembly points of many manufacturing units, it is critical to ensure a conducive working environment there.

Some companies require humidity-monitored, temperature-regulated, and climate-controlled space. If you are getting an already built facility, it is important to see this aspect of the warehouse. You don’t want to end up paying huge electricity bills because of picking a warehouse in a hot and humid region. So, determine your current and long-term needs for the warehouse, and then you can start looking around. Having said that, another cost every facility has to bear is the lighting cost. in warehouses, racks are designed in a way that they need moving lighting. When you decided on a warehouse, keep this aspect in consideration because the lighting is required for reading pick documents and rack labels. So the warehouse must be properly illuminated. You can install LED fixtures without incurring huge bills.

4. Safety and Fire

Needless to say, it is a must-have for all facilities. In a warehouse, it is more critical to ensure all precautionary measures after considering product classification and environmental conditions of the location of the warehouse. Before you make a warehouse operational, make sure that the water supplies are connected, and sprinkler heads are placed rightly. Also, there should be sufficient water available for the facility in the event of an emergency.

5. Employee and Visitor Parking

Before you shift to a new warehouse and start operations, you need to make sure that there is sufficient parking available for employees as well as visitors. You can have an assessment of the total number of parking spots you would require in the long run. Based on that assessment, make your decision. Once you move to a new warehouse, a shortage of parking spots can create problems for you down the lane.

Final Words:

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