6 Ways to Save Electricity This Summer

Electricity is becoming harder to sustain for world governments. Also, its cost is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Rolling blackouts are becoming ever more common across the world. New housing estates are facing electricity access and approval problems everywhere. These are common problems many of us face every day. To save electricity and make it more accessible is the ultimate goal.

We have developed our every day lifestyles around electricity. Without power, no modern home or business can function. Demand is ever rising with governments not being able to keep up with it. Also, natural resources produced electricity is causing a lot of air quality degradation. Saving electricity and making less use of natural resources is the discussion on everyone’s mind.

The summer season has the biggest hit on electricity consumption. Air conditioning takes up a lot of that power. Using solar power systems is one way of keeping electricity bills low. While your home will use same amount of electricity, no natural resources produced power will be required. Here how you can enable your home to save power in smart new ways:

1: Install a Smart Home Thermostat to Save Electricity

Smart home thermostat is an essential modern tool. Lot of the times, air conditioning systems work uselessly. Smart thermostats can regular different temperatures in different parts of modern homes. Also, remote functionality is available enabling people to turn off air conditioning when not in home.

Motion detection systems can also be attached with smart thermostats. These help save power and also cut down on electric bills in the process. Basic thermostats fail to match the level of smart modern devices in all shapes and forms.

Automating smart thermostats to turn on air conditioning at specific times of the day when you are home is possible. This helps save electric bills and consumption altogether. With smartphone functionality and others in smart thermostats,18-20% of electricity can be saved.

2: Seal All Cracks and Openings to Maintain Temperature

One of the biggest factors that make air conditioning during summers overwork is all that cooling seeping out. Cold temperatures literally run out of tiniest openings in walls, windows, ceilings, floors and everywhere. Weather stripping is the best way to go insulating indoors of the house efficiently.

Almost all homes have some sort of gaps, cracks and openings in doors, windows and walls. Doors and window stops are notorious for have invisible little gaps. What these gaps do is allow the cold temperature to escape out un-regulating indoor temperature.

Make sure to survey your property in detail. Save electricity by keeping your air conditioning from having to overwork to achieve set temperatures. Seal all cracks and your air conditioning will not have to work overtime to maintain the preferred temperature.

3: Air Dry Laundry to Save Electricity

Laundry dryers are amongst the most expensive and electricity consuming appliances to operate. In the US alone, dryers are attributed for 32 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. Summers provide the opportunity to not use fabric dryers all that often.

So, what you can do is to install reliable clothesline. Hand clothes and fabrics outdoors in fresh air. Let the fresh air and warm temperatures dry off your laundry. This will enable your home to save on power and electricity bills in the process as well.

Summers only need a few hours for clothes and fabrics to dry completely. If needed, give that dryer a short spin and you will still be saving a lot of electricity and power bills. Use these heavy power hitter appliances as least as possible and keep your electricity bills low.

4: Switch on LED Lighting in the Entire House

Lighting is one of the biggest power users in modern homes. People want their homes to stay bright at all times. Switching on LED lighting can help achieve the purpose. Also, make use of natural daylight as much as possible to keep power usage low.

So, by switching to LED lighting, modern homes can save up to 10% of their energy spend. These are low power lights that provide just as bright light but at less wattage. So, make sure to save electricity by switching to more efficient light sources.

5: Turn Appliances Off When Not in Use

Appliances like air conditioning, air purifiers, home theaters, TVs and many others stay turned on even when not in use. These take up a lot of energy and power. So, you can save electricity by turning these off when not in use.

Again, when you have smart home systems installed, they will keep non-used appliances turned off. Surprisingly, turning off unused appliances can save up to 30% power. So, make sure to make this a priority and turn off appliances when not in use.

6: Go Solar and Say Good Bye to Electricity Worries

Going solar is a great way to say good bye to your electricity worries. Best solar panels can help provide renewable efficient energy for homes. Going solar does have initial costs to consider. However, financing options provide the helping hand you need in this regard as well.

So, install solar systems for the home to get clean green energy. This will eliminate electricity costs in the long term. Also, you will be able to use electricity without having to worry about it at all. It is a great option all modern homes should definitely consider.