7 Tips to Deal with Tonsillitis this Winter

Winters can be troubling for many reasons. Especially when it comes to health problems. These minor health troubles can be quite disturbing and problematic for people. 

Imagine being an asthma sufferer and you can already feel how winters are for you. One such winter health problem is tonsillitis. Tonsils are small sac-like structures present at the back of your throat, which get swollen and due to any bacterial or viral infection. This inflammation can cause your tonsils to be painful and can bring other associated symptoms as well such as high fever, throat pain etc. 

My sister suffered from tonsillitis for a long time unless and every time she went to an ENT in Karachi. Despite all the care we took of her, tonsils were quite a problem and made it difficult for her to live winters to the fullest. 

If you also suffer from tonsils then you already have an idea of how problematic these can be. Before you go for the right treatment, there are many tonsils home remedies that you can try on if you suffer from the problem:

1- Get Humidifier

Whenever you suffer from tonsillitis, the presence of moisture in the air is a must. If the air surrounding you is dry, it can further irritate your throat leaving it painful. For this reason, you need to ensure the right level of humidity in your surroundings. You can keep your throat mist by taking small sips of water or can have a humidifier in your surroundings. 

2- Consume Warm Liquids

Liquids are not only required to keep your throat moist but taking warm liquids can help to soothe your throat. You can drink plain warm water or add lemon or honey to it. Further, ginger tea or other herbal teas can make you feel better. Herbs already have a soothing effect and when combined with honey work really well and help your throat. 

3- Salt Water Gargles

This old wives remedy is surely one of the easiest ways to soothe a troubling throat. Adding salt to warm water and using it to flush your throat can remove throat troubling germs. Further, salt water also helps to fight inflammation that can add to your troubles and make your irritated throat more painful. So, whenever you feel like your throat is hurting or feels irritated, saltwater gargles twice a day can help your throat. 

4- Eat Cold Foods

Painful tonsils are one of the many things you hate about tonsillitis. Painful tonsils can be hard to bear with the pain. You may find it surprising but tonsillitis pain can be relieved with cold foods. Cold popsicles, frozen fruits and yoghurt etc. can be your perfect choice. These cold foods can reduce throat pain and you may find immediate relief after doing this.

4- Avoid Hard Foods

When you consume foods that are harder in nature, it can irritate your throat further. These hard food objects when passed through your throat can get stuck in your throat. So, a better approach is to avoid foods that are hard in texture. 

5- Use OTC medications and Sprays 

When it comes to treating a sore throat or associated symptoms, the role of over-the-counter medications can’t be denied. These medications are readily available and you can get them upon your physician’s recommendation. However, make sure to not consume too much of these medications and only take as prescribed by your doctor. This will certainly help you get rid of a painful and irritated throat. 

7- Get Enough Rest

When you suffer from tonsillitis or other associated problems, your body needs a good amount of rest. If you want to recover from it as soon as possible, make sure to take enough rest. When you don’t take enough rest, it can prolong your recovery time and you may face further difficulty. 

Bottom Line!

Tonsillitis is a common throat problem and many people suffer from it. Painful tonsils can be difficult to bear with and affect your overall health in many ways. However, following all these remedies and taking the right care of your throat can be a great help for you. So make sure you follow these measures or contact your physician if your symptoms aren’t relieved over time.