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When it comes to online sports news in Vietnam, there are many sources to choose from. You can find a wide variety of coverage from sports brands such as BongDa and Thao 247, or you can simply follow a specific team. In either case, you’ll find a lot of great content.


BongDa, casino trực tuyến 8X and Thao 247 are online media portals that focus on sports in Vietnam. These websites offer news, information and live reporting for football and other sports. These websites also offer games for people to bet on. BongDa offers information on local soccer leagues, live scores and video content for soccer fans.

Thao 247

The online sports media website Thao 247 offers news, information and live reporting about sports in Vietnam, especially football. In addition to offering live reporting, users can also access the site to check the latest scores. Other Vietnamese sports websites include BongDa, which features local leagues and soccer news.

South Korean citizen Park Hang-seo is one of the most influential football coaches in Vietnam. Under his leadership, the national team has won several international tournaments. In 2018, they finished second in the AFC U-23 Championship and won the AFF Championship. Most recently, they won the SEA Games.


If you’re looking for an online sports news provider in Vietnam, you may have come across YouSport. The site features a comprehensive collection of sports news, including live scores, news, video content, and more. While this online sports news provider focuses primarily on football, it also covers other sports and provides users with live reporting, information, and other types of content.


YeuTheThao, 8X, and BongDa are some of the leading online sports media sites in Vietnam, bringing you the latest news and information on sports. The latter two are the largest and most popular football news sites, with traffic ranking in the top 30 in Vietnam overall. In addition, YeuTheThao and BongDa have expanded their reach to mobile, with their app Diadiem Vietnam 2.0 among the most downloaded free applications for iPhone.

The online Vietnamese sports news outlet YeuTheThao reports that Hanoimoi Newspaper is sponsoring the annual Table Tennis Clubs Cup, where more than 300 athletes will compete for twelve sets of medals. A 3-0 win over SHB Da Nang puts Ha Noi back in the lead in the NPCL table tennis league. Head coach Chun Jae Ho is pleased with the performance of his skipper Nguyen Van Quyet.

Hanoimoi (New Ha Noi)

8X casino trực tuyến online sports news in Hanoimoi is an excellent source of the latest news about sports. The newspaper sponsors annual table tennis clubs championships, with more than 300 athletes competing for 12 sets of medals. The Hanoi team returned to the top of the table tennis league table after a 3-0 win over SHB Da Nang. Coach Chun Jae Ho was pleased with the performance of skipper Nguyen Van Quyet.