AZ-400 Prepration Guide- All You Need To Know

What is AZ-400?

AZ-400 is a Microsoft certification that comprises technology and knowledge to deliver products and services to meet user needs and business objectives. 

If you are DevOps professionals who have received the certification of Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204) or Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104), you can appear for the Microsoft DevOps Solutions AZ-400 exam. The Azure certifications are inter-related and are bifurcated into various levels. It is like a ladder you climb to gain more knowledge and certification.

The Microsoft AZ-400 exam measures your skills on the following basis:

  1. Develop an Instrumentation Strategy (between 5 and 10%)
  • Design and implement logging
  • Design and implement telemetry
  • Integrate monitoring and logging solutions

2)  Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) strategy (between 5 and 10%) 

  • Develop an actionable alerting strategy
  • Design a failure prediction strategy
  • Implement and design a health check

3) Develop a security and compliance plan (between 10 and 15%)

  • Design an authentication and authorization strategy
  • Design a sensitive information management strategy
  • Develop security and compliance
  • Design governance enforcement mechanisms

4) Manage source control (between 10 and 15%)

  • Develop a modern source control strategy
  • Implement and plan branching strategies for the source code
  • Configure repositories
  • Integrate with tools: source control

5) Facilitate collaboration and communication (between 10 and 15%)

  • Communicate deployment 
  • Release information with business stakeholders
  • Automate communication among team members
  • Generate DevOps documentation of the process

6) Implement continuous integration (between 20 and 25%)

  • Build and design automation
  • Package management plan
  • Application infrastructure management plan
  • Implement and build a plan
  • Maintain build strategy
  • Design standardizing builds across the organization

7) Implement continuous delivery and release management strategy (between 10 and 15%)

  • Develop deployment scripts and templates
  • Implement an orchestration automation solution
  • Plan the deployment environment strategy

How does AZ-400 differ from other Microsoft Azure certifications?

The requirement for various levels of Microsoft training is different. You can specialize within the area of your interests or organization. For example, AZ-104 will suit you if you work in an IT Industry with Azure AD or VM backups; an AZ-204 certification is an option if you have six years of experience in C# development. Likewise, acquiring an Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification will require you to clear the AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams.

Other Important Information

  • The Microsoft AZ-400 exam will be multiple-choice question format, consisting of 40-60 questions, and the time limit for the exam will be 210 minutes. To become eligible for an Azure certification, the candidate must score 700 or more in the Azure exam. 
  • Cost for the AZ-400 certification exam- $165 
  • The exam is available in four languages; English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean.

How to prepare for the exam?

AZ-400 exam will comprise case study questions, multiple-choice questions, selecting the best answer, and interactive questions. To prepare for the exams, you need to go through Microsoft documentation, Books and periodicals, and Azure White Papers. Let’s discuss these in brief.

  1. Microsoft Documentation: Microsoft Documentation is one of the best ways to prepare for AZ-400 exams. The concepts of Azure are explained thoroughly in the documentation. The documentation is comprised of Azure pipelines, Azure Repos, Azure Artifacts, web portal navigation, Azure test plans, and many other important tools related to Azure DevOps. This documentation will help you extract public projects and analytic solutions. 
  2. Books and Periodicals: Books and Periodicals will serve your purpose to prepare you for Azure exams completely. With thorough explanations of the topics, exam patterns, and practice questions, books are considered the best option for the preparation of any of the Microsoft courses. There are plenty of books and journals available in the market, bound essentially for AZ-400 exams. “Exam AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions 30+ Prep Questions” by Ger Arevalo is one of them.
  1. Practicing tests: Mock tests will provide you with an insight into the framework of the upcoming exam and will also boost your confidence. You can search practice tests for AZ-400 on the internet, which are mostly paid. You can also buy some of the books that carry tests for practice.

If you understand the course requirement and exam format, you can prepare correctly. Of course, it will take dedication and hard work to clear this exam. But once you get this certification, you can move up in your career path.

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