Best Ways To Practice Before An Exam

Have you ever tried to revise the entire syllabus of your exam in one night? Every student has tried this out at least once in their lifetime. This year, don’t allow yourself to have last-minute revisions because it does you more harm and clouds your brain with too much information at once, decreasing your capability to remember important things.

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Importance of early preparation

It should be stressed that last-minute preparation should not always be your goal. Sometimes due to some unfortunate circumstances, students miss out on multiple classes in between, or self-study hours. It can happen when students have a part-time job or face financial, family, or other mental and health issues.

When you start your preparation early in the year, pay attention to all the classes and revise everything once all your classes are over. Your brain remembers the details and you can continue everyday classes by understanding things in chronological order. This flow keeps you in a great mindset throughout the year and instead of being stressed you feel motivated to go give your exams.

However, if you have not repaired all year round at all, and you have just a few weeks left for the exam, you might want to try out something else.

Filter out

It goes unsaid that you cannot finish the entire syllabus in just a few weeks. You must filter out all the topics that are not considered important or have already appeared in the previous years. Ask your tutor, look into your LMS, or try to consult your teacher. In case you find this a little embarrassing, let them know that this is for revision purposes. You can also ask a reliable friend who can let you in on some important notes they might have gathered throughout the session or year.

Efficiency over everything else

Sometimes it is better to complete half the syllabus thoroughly than complete the entire portion with no confidence in any of the chapters. With the convenience of online education, you now have an LMS available where teachers list down the most weighted topics. Make the best out of this!

Progress chart

You would like to imagine how a progress chart can scare you because you definitely will not be making a lot of progress quickly, since there are some topics you might be getting to know for the first time. Besides being scary, a progress chart is useful because you can then keep a track of how much you have studied in the past few days.

Consider having ten important topics that you have decided to go through thoroughly. If you have only a week before your exam, observe the progress chart for the day. By looking at your speed for the present day, you can decide how much work you can cover in the next few days. If you have been progressing fast, this means you can reduce the workload and take some frequent breaks which can account for priority-based activities like taking a bath or having your meal.

Mental and physical health

This is something that you will be doing subconsciously, when we are stressed we forget to eat and drink water often, compromising on our sleep schedule too. Although all of this can be compromised in moderation, you cannot be going without 7 hours of sleep a day because this will make you feel more stressed out tired and unable to go on. Taking a few minutes out to focus on other things, like going through your social media sites and having a walk outside, can refresh your mind from time to time. Some other tips that you can follow are;

  • Meditate in the morning and prepare yourself for an intense study session
  • Do not delay your meals or skip them to study because you will simply be taking frequent breaks to have snacks. When you are hungry, your mind is unable to focus and this will simply weigh you down.
  • Have a little stretch or exercise before practicing or learning important topics so that you can warm up and be completely prepared, without being lazy.
  • Drink water, especially if you are studying at night. This keeps you hydrated, awake and boosts your metabolism.

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