Blackstone futures

Blackstone futures is a reputed Forex broker. The broker market is getting very competitive. Blackstone futures have been around for a long time. This broker’s marking scheme is not very flashy, but many traders consider this a viable option. You may have heard about hot forex brokers that provide online financial trading in forex. 

We will review this broker so our readers can make up their minds about choosing it.

Blackstone futures -History

Blackstone Futures was established in 2009. It is based in South Africa and is considered to be among few top-rated brokers. 


The FSCA regulates Blackstone futures. FSCA is South Africa’s financial monitoring industry. Traders should always trade with regulated brokers. Authorities ensure the safety of your funds. If the broker runs a scam or goes bankrupt, you will not lose your funds. FSCA keeps an eye on the broker’s bonus and promotional offers. Traders can file a complaint with FSCA in case of any unfortunate event with the broker. 

Local Broker

Blackstone futures is a South African broker based in Johannesburg. There are a few benefits if you trade with a local broker. If you want to go to court against the broker, you will face a familiar justice system. The courts will be local, and you won’t have to spend money on international courts.


We can safely say that this is not a scam broker. FSCA ensures the legitimacy of this broker. 


Brokers offer leverage rates for the traders. Leverage allows the traders to open and trade more extended positions. Traders can invest less money and trade for more than that. Leverage is an attractive offer, but it comes at a risk. You can earn profit for more money than you invested but, there is also a risk of suffering a more considerable loss. If you are trading with less money, losses can be terrible for you.

Hence, we recommend moderate and average leverage rates like Blackstone futures offer. 1:400 is the maximum leverage rate of Blackstone. 

Trading platform

Blackstone futures operate on MT4. MT4 is the standard trading platform used by all famous brokers. MT5 is the updated version of MT4 with a securer interface. Although, most brokers have not transitioned to MT5. 

Thus, you can’t go wrong by trading on MT4. 


More than 25,000 traders use Blackstone. The community is friendly, and you will get tutorials and guides to get started.

Demo Account

The broker offers an unlimited duration demo account for the traders. It is beneficial for new traders who are learning Forex trading. 

Account types

There is a basic account, a pro account. The pro account has some extra features for institutional traders. Blackstone futures also offer an Islamic account that is interest-free. The broker also offers ZAR or USD-based accounts. 

Customer Support

The customer support of this broker is good enough, but it is not the best. Local language speakers are not available all the time. The support is 24/5 instead of 24/7 support. The agents, however, are friendly and helpful. 


Blackstone futures is a good Forex broker. The tighter spreads, moderate leverage rates, and low deposit limits make it a viable option for everyone.