Design and Layout of Kitchen Dimensions

Before you design your kitchen, you have to know what it is and what it is employed for. This is a vital element for any architect. The kitchen shouldn’t be a blank canvas. Designers should know that the kitchens differ in their flow and workspaces. The customer should not be the only one to determine the style and design and the kind of item to be manufactured. This can improve efficiency and reduce the manufacturing costs for the individual pieces. When building any room, it is vital to measure each piece. Four areas are crucial to kitchens.

  1. Kitchen types
  2. Modulation
  3. Standard Dimensions
  4. Which cabinet size is the best?

1. Kitchen types:

This is due to the use of the design. These are the kinds which are the most popular.

  • Linear (or two parallel lines)
  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped

It is, therefore, essential to be aware of the actions. If multiple people are working, ensuring that you “work triangular smooth is essential.” This will increase the quality of your workspace.

2. Modulation:

Be aware that your floor plan doesn’t have to be a mess of bindings. So, it must include components that are manufactured according to a specific process. Therefore both the designer and furniture maker could disagree if the design doesn’t make sense or conforms to specific design guidelines.

The floor plan must be directly linked to the room above. Additionally, the appliances must have the ability to work in conjunction with the modulation.

3. Standard Dimensions:

Each measurement should be taken from the device.


Modules’ dimensions can differ depending on their use. They typically include rectangles of 30cm, 45cm, 30cm and 50cm 50 cm 60cm 75cm, 80 cm 90 cm and 100 centimeters.  Dimensions of appliances can vary between 60 to 90 cm based on the purpose they serve, such as cookers and microwave ovens. Sinks of every kind differ in size between 30cm and 90cm. So, the distance between the sink and the appliance should not exceed several centimeters.

Thus, conventional slide drawers can use to house drawers that have measurements of around 40cmx50cmx60cm. So, this is why it’s essential to keep in mind that soft slide slides can fit drawers that are up to 120cm in length. Therefore, it is an excellent option to purchase the longest slide you can get. Other accessories such as organizing cabinets (40cm from 60 to 40 centimeters) as well as spice racks (15cm-20cm) and hanging cabinets (40 centimeters or 85 cm) can be bought to enhance the look of your kitchen.


The dimensions of the base module are according to the average of length 60cm. This measurement does not consider the dimensions of the sides, which are 58cm in length. 1.8cm is the width of the door. So, the kitchen countertops should not extend beyond the width of the unit. This will make sure that liquids do not overflow onto the wood. So, areas with no appliances may see the thickness of the module diminish.

Lower modules can be found in 2 sizes, 35 and 30 centimeters. Each is distinct. If the microwave you’re using is built into the bottom, it should be at a minimum of 35cm. So, if the microwave’s depth exceeds 30cm, the bottom of the microwave must be 5cm or more.

Towers must construct using a minimum of 60cm base depth. The base must have a maximum height of 60cm at the highest. Thus, the stove has to be able to stand at least 10cm from the floor and oven to allow heat to escape. Also, there are many options available for ranges. However, some ovens do not require openings.


The base module dimensions are 90cm from the countertop towards the floor. Since moisture can cause injuries, the modules must not be near flooring. The minimum area permitted is between 10cm and 15cm. So, the recess should be no more than 7.5 centimeters away from the entrance doors.

Also, be sure to review your recommended exhaust air systems suitable for this specific project. By the length and exhaust is away from the kitchen countertops, everyone has an amount of air extraction.

4. Which cabinet size is the best?

Cabinets are essential for arranging cutlery and other kitchen items in the kitchen and providing enough space to cook food. Kitchens with no cabinets are devoid of the best countertops, sinks, and storage spaces. So, it is essential to purchase the highest high-quality cabinets, for example, for instance, Schrock cabinets. There’s no standardization in the market regarding the dimensions of cabinets.

  • Dimensions and sizes for the base of the cabinet
  • The dimensions of the wall cabinet
  • Tall cabinet dimensions


It’s not easy to plan kitchens. When selecting designs and kitchen plans, ensure you know the space you’d like to make use of. This is one of the main reasons cabinets are of standard size and can be used in kitchens with a high rise. Find out how far the kitchen is to determine your dimensions, width, and depth. The above guide will help you choose the best layout for your kitchen.