Embrace the charm of a bracelet

One of the pieces of jewellery that have been relevant for ages is the bracelet. The charm of a bracelet can completely transform the outfit. There are many ways one can style a bracelet along with dresses to a party. Now There is a range of types to choose from and the list is only getting longer by the day. There are designs that are liked by old and young alike. The beauty of a bracelet is that it is timeless. Newer designs may throng the market but the old ones rarely go out of style. There are historic references to the usage of the bracelet in historic paintings and books alike. Why are bracelets so important and why are they relevant even today?

Bracelets and their utility

Bracelets are the perfect anniversary and birthday gift. They have a way of brightening up any outfit irrespective of the occasion and the kind of outfit. Bracelets can be paired with a necklace, earrings, and any other accessory. If you are wearing a bracelet the only piece of jewellery you may wish to skip is the ring on the same hand.

Types and looks

Bracelets range from simple golden chains to chunky bracelets and cuffs. If you are a fan of diamonds, then you may wish to see the range of elegant diamond bracelets that are available in the market and that can be worn with any outfit. Another reason why a bracelet is such a great gift is that you rarely have to guess the size! Even open bracelets are gaining popularity and the gorgeous designs are grabbing the attention of accessory enthusiasts. There are many looks and types that can be defined with a bracelet. Charm bracelets, pearl bracelets, beaded bracelets are some of the types that are worn casually.

Golden bracelets and how they can uplift your wardrobe

Golden bracelets are rarely used as fashion accessories in India. The common form of golden bracelet used is the bangles which are generally golden or studded with diamonds. A lot of people are unaware that golden bracelets can be used to look fashionable and chic. The common misconception stems from the fact that there were very few options to choose from years ago. However, now that more people are leaning towards buying gold jewellery, the bracelets have taken a dramatic turn and are being preferred by most people to jazz up their daily outfits too.

Latest trends

The latest trends have opened up a lot of avenues for those who like to experiment with their jewellery. The mixing of patterns, metals, and stones have given the options of the latest bracelet a makeover. There are beautiful designs that are suited to the needs of people who like all kinds of jewellery. There are woven and knitted patterns along with colourful stones and designs. If you are a floral motif person you will be pleasantly surprised and if you like geometric patterns, you are in for a treat. If you like hearts and butterflies, well then you have a lot of options to turn to as well.

Browse the market for the kind you love and get the one that ticks every box of requirements. There are many designs that may not seem attractive at first but might look great when you try them on!