How Can Social WiFi Marketing Deliver Growth to Your Business?

The opportunities that the Internet and social media are providing have transformed consumer behavior and the way organizations do business. Social and digital marketing are providing businesses with significant ways of advertising at lower costs. Furthermore, these methods are creating greater brand awareness and higher sales. However, most of these methods are only useful for online businesses. Hence, for offline business, a tool (social WiFi marketing) was created out of the internet and social media, so that they can also avail themselves of the internet.   

This tool offers free WiFi to the visitors of the venue and in return captures customer information with the help of a captive portal tool. This information is then stored in the database of customer profiles. The WiFi provider can use this information later for the purpose of remarketing. There are many other ways this tool offers that can help you to grow your business. This is why the demand for this tool has given rise to many wifi marketing solutions providers but for best results, you need to choose the best service. If you wish to learn more about this tool, continue reading!   

Difference between WiFi Marketing and Social WiFi Marketing tools: 

Both of these tools nearly yield the same results for businesses and there are very few differences between their working. Let’s first discuss Wifi marketing. With a WiFi marketing tool, when a customer comes to your venue and tries to connect with your guest WiFi, he is directed to a WiFi landing page. And on this page, the visitor has to fill in some information for browsing through this WiFi. Once he provides the required information, he is good to use free WiFi for as long as he likes.  

With social WiFi, the visitor is not required to fill in the information, rather this tool asks the user to sign in through his social media account. The captive portal tool extracts the necessary information from the social media account of the customer. Moreover, with this tool, the free wifi provider also asks visitors to like the social media page of the business and give a review over there. This helps businesses in increasing their online presence.  

How Social Wifi Helps in Business Growth:   

There are a great many ways that social WiFi offers for business to improve their sales, increase their brand recognition, improve their sales, and much more. We will discuss a few of these methods in this blog,  

Helps You Create a Destination where Your Customers Want to Spend Time in: 

From using social media to doing shopping, from watching entertainment videos to using it for education, smartphones are essential to our daily lives. But we need the internet to do all these things. And the cellular companies charge their customers heavily for every MB they use. Therefore, free WiFi is a blessing if you can find it anywhere.   

Customers like to visit stores and businesses (more often) that offer free WiFi. On that basis alone, it’s easy to see why your store needs to offer guest WiFi to your customers, but there’s another important reason too. Reliable free Wi-Fi makes your retail store a destination people want to return to as well. This gives your customers added value every single time they visit your store. Even better, this free WiFi makes your customer do check-in and tag your store, sharing your brand across their social networks too. 

Enables You to Compete against Online Retailers: 

The online market is a lot bigger than the offline market which is why online businesses are earning more than brick-and-mortar businesses. To improve their sales, offline businesses must also resort to some online ways of attracting customers. And social WiFi is the best tool to serve this purpose. This tool helps businesses improve their brand recognition and attracts customers with new deals and coupons

Gets You Those Important Online Reviews: 

Every business whether offline or online knows how important reviews are for encouraging growth in their business. They are essential for creating brand awareness and encouraging new leads. Reviews also help you generate that important social proof that makes customers visit you in the first place. 

And free WiFi makes it easy for you to ask for reviews from your customers. Customers can be sent instant requests via email, SMS, or pop-up notification to review their in-store experience.   

Facilitates You on Sending Engaging and Personalized Marketing Messages: 

Customers don’t want generic marketing messages rather they now expect high levels of engagement with brands. So, being able to provide a personalized marketing experience to each customer will make your marketing more relevant and effective. The social wifi marketing tool of wifi marketing solutions can make this happen for businesses.