How Do Custom Noodle Boxes Increase Business Sales?

Noodles are everyone’s favorite due to their delicious and juicy nature. But if you are a noodles supplier, your noodle products are incomplete without attractive and durable packaging boxes. In the past, only restaurants were providing noodles. But, now, many companies are offering noodles of various flavors. Therefore, maintain your position in the noodle market and get noodle packaging boxes that are durable and printed in attractive designs to attract potential customers.

Importance of Noodle Boxes

Custom noodle packaging boxes are important due to various reasons such as:

  1. It is impossible to deliver noodles to customers in bowls or plates.
  2. Durable boxes help in retaining the freshness and taste of noodles. Sturdy noodle packaging prevents the leakage of noodles.
  3. Custom packaging can promote the noodles business by carrying the brand logo and name to the customers.
  4. Noodle companies get an advantage from the latest packaging techniques and get the noodle packaging of their dreams.
  5. Interestingly customized noodles take away boxes, or other boxes, leave a positive impression on the customer’s mind and increase their urge to buy again from you.

Print Business Details for Promotion

The noodle packaging with unique and different features helps in boosting business by attracting more buyers. It is a marketing strategy to have packaging that includes information about the business and also the product. Attractive Noodle Boxes printed with your brand logo and name work tirelessly to boost your business. It gives overall noodle packaging a unique and branded look. Customize the packaging of noodles per the latest marketing trends using durable packaging materials to get more popularity. Furthermore, add product details such as its nutritional value, manufacturing, and expiry dates. Also, mention some distinguishing features of your noodles to separate your noodles from competitors.

Noodle Boxes

Durable Noodle Boxes

What separates high-quality noodles from cheap quality noodles is the strength of the packaging box. The durable features of noodles packaging will give hype to the business and mark a firm image of your noodles among buyers. Therefore, work with durable packaging materials such as E-flute corrugated cardboard, cardstock, bux board, and Kraft. These materials are durable due to their firm and solid walls that are resistant to crushing and breaking. Moreover, they allow modification per needs into different shapes, sizes, and styles. The size of these packaging materials stocks ranges between 10-28pt. For example, cardboard boxes offer maximum protection to noodles due to their rigid nature and flexibility. Additionally, adding inserts and handles (usually metal handles) boosts the durability of packaging to the next level.

Food-Grade Packaging Materials

The packaging materials mentioned already are not only reliable but also eco-friendly and food-friendly. They are derived from natural resources such as wood pulp and pine pulp. So, they are natural and harmless to foods. They do not interfere with the flavors, textures, and quality of noodles. In fact, they maintain the freshness of noodles by protecting them against, moisture, dust, harsh sunlight, bacteria, and other variables. The recyclable boxes are preferences of many eco-lovers because of increasing global warming issues.  Let’s talk about inks, it is essential to use colors or inks that are harmless to food products e.g. Noodles. Custom noodle boxes are highly preferred because of the latest coloring techniques such as CMYK and PMS.

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Designing Noodle Packaging

The fascinating and captivating designs on the custom boxes seem very attractive to customers and develop an urge in them to buy your noodles. One can print traditional, floral, neutral, or trendy designs, themes, and patterns on the packaging per preferences. Print the preferred designs in colors that perfectly match the theme of your business. Add coatings on the packaging of the noodles such as matte, glossy, or UV spot. The matte coating will give a classy and satin look to the packaging. The glossy coating will add shine to the packaging and UV spot coating provides protection against harsh sun rays in addition to giving a glassy look to the packaging.

Noodle Boxes

There are many styles of noodle packaging that can serve promotion as well as protection purposes in the most surprising way possible. Some are:

Gable boxes

Square noodle box for frozen noodles

Kraft boxes

Auto-bottom noodle packaging

Chinese noodle boxes

Noodles takeaway boxes and many more.

Give a Luxurious Look to Noodle Packaging

Achieve the best in appearance and flawless finishing noodle packaging that is according to your imagination and needs. Get benefits from sharp die-cutting techniques and get noodle boxes of any style. Take the example of auto-lock bottom noodle packaging. It has a perfect bottom lock which prevents noodles from falling.

Lure customers for your noodles by using window boxes for noodles. The window cut gives customers a visual look at delicious noodles to increase their craving. In this way, they will desire to at least try your noodles. Besides the window cut, add a PVC sheet to the window to prevent food contamination. Moreover, one can print alluring graphics and images relating to food. You can give a 3D look or Flat look to packaging with the latest mockup techniques. Lastly, some other techniques to give a premier look to the noodle packaging are embossing, raised ink, gold/silver, scoring, perforation, and gluing.