How to Block a Website on Chrome and Firefox?

When you start your searching on the internet or do some research on the internet but you become distracted from your task. You have to face a lot of ads, popups, and other unwanted sites that appear on the Google Chrome and Firefox browser screens. That irritates you a lot and diverts your way from your initial searching. So, in this guide, I am going to show you that how to block unwanted websites on chrome and Firefox?

Why do I block the sites on Google Chrome?

Well, before we start the discussion, there are several reasons why you may want to block unwanted websites.

  • To protect your children from inappropriate and unsuitable content
  • Unwanted sites slow down the speed of the internet and also the performance of the operating system
  • Distractive websites and popups waste your internet data and time
  • Annoying sites take you out of your way
  • To prevent popup notifications that appear instantly

So to prevent all the above situations, you should step forward and block the unwanted sites in chrome.

How to block a website on Chrome?

If you want to block a site on chrome, first you need to install the Add-on extension, just follow the steps below:

  • Click the three dots on the top-right corner and then More tools > Extensions
  • On the bottom-left corner, click Open Chrome Web Store and type Block Site in the search option

    Block Site Block Websites & Stay Focused
    Block Site Block Websites & Stay Focused
  • Choose Block Site: Block Websites & Stay Focused extension
  • Press Add to Chrome
  • Accept Terms & Conditions and skip the premier plan
  • Add the website you want to block and press Add item

      How to block a website on Chrome?How to block a website on Chrome?

Details: Open your Google Chrome and click on the three dots in the top right corner. From the drop-down menu, navigate to More Tools to discover more menus. Now click on Extensions and then open the Chrome Web Store. You will see this option in the lower-left corner. Now in the search option type block site and press enter. This will find the extension of the blocking site. You can choose anyone but I would recommend you to choose “Block Site: Block Websites and Stay Focused“.

Click on this extension and click Add to Chrome. Just accept the terms and conditions, skip the Premier plan and type in the URL of any site you want to block, and click the Add items, that’s all!

Once you block a site, it will be shown in blocked sites. If you have changed your mind, just delete the blocked site. You can also import/export the CVS file of the URLs you want to block or block websites.

How to block a website on Firefox?

Just like Chrome, you need to install an Add-on extension also to block the sites on Firefox:

  • Open Firefox and click three parallel bars on the top-right corner
  • Click on Add-ons and themes or press Ctrl+Shift+A by the keyboard
  • Type Block Site and click on “Block Site recommended
      ype Block Site and click on “Block Site recommend”ype Block Site and click on “Block Site recommend”
  • Press the tab Add to Firefox
  • Open any site you want to block, click on the ‘W’ icon on the top-right corner and press OK
  • The website will be blocked. Press the ‘W’ icon again to unblock

    How to block a website on Firefox?
    How to block a website on Firefox?

Details: After opening Firefox, press three parallel bars to open the dropdown menu and click Add-ons and themes. You can access this feature by pressing Ctrl+Shift+A on the keyboard. In the search bar, type Block site and press enter. You will see plenty of add-ons you can add any but my suggestion will be Block Site recommended. Press the Add to Firefox and that’s it.

Now W icon will be added on the top-right corner. Open any site’s URL in the new tab and press that W icon to block that website and press OK. The site will be blocked and if you want to unblock the site, just type the URL in the new tab again, press that icon and, then OK. Your site will be unblocked.


Hope you got all the points and I have personally performed these steps to block unwanted websites and that’s why I explored all my experience with you guys. If you are still in trouble to block websites on chrome or block websites on Firefox then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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