How to Block Ads and Popups in Opera Browser (Updated)

When you open any browser from your Laptop, PC, Android, or iPhone and try to search for something but you face a lot of annoying things that irritate you and keep your search away from you. A lot of pop-up ads appear on the browser’s window that you do not want to be. These pop-up ads waste your time, your internet data, and the transparency of search. Is there any solution to block pop-up ads?

Well, all the web browsers are well-developed to handle and block pop-ups. In this article, I am going to discuss that how to block pop-up ads in the Opera browser. People also use some other browsers like Chrome UC Browser and Firefox. I will explain that how can you handle the Opera browser pop-up ads on laptops, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

How to block popups in Opera (Android phones)

If you have Opera browser installed on your Android phone then follow the steps below to block popups on Android:

  • Open Opera browser
  • Tab on down-right option (Guest icon)
  • Tab on the Settings icon and scroll down find Adblocking 
  • Turn it on to block popups

    block popups in Opera (on Android phones)
    block popups in Opera (on Android phones)

Details: Once you open the Opera browser, tab on the right-down corner there will be three dots or a guest icon. First, check the Ad blocking, if don’t see the Ad blocking option then tap on the Settings icon on the top-right icon and scroll down to find the Ad blocking. Turn it on to block pop-up ads. If you want to allow popups, then simply turn it off back to allow popups in the opera browser on Android.

How to block pop-ups in Opera (iPhone / iPad)

You can easily stop the pop-ups ads in Opera browser on iPhone and iPad. If you want to do so, change the popup blocker setting on Opera for iOS, follow these steps:

  • Open Opera Browser on iPhone or iPad
  • Press the three dots on the right-down corner and select Settings
  • Switch on the Ad Blocking to block popups, or to allow popups

    block pop-ups in Opera (iPhone  iPad)
    block pop-ups in Opera (iPhone iPad)

Details: This is just like android settings. After opening Opera on your iPhone or Ipad, click the three dots at the right-bottom of the Opera home screen. Press the Settings tab and you will see the Ad blocking option. Turn it on or off to block or allow popups.

How to block popups in Opera (Windows / Mac OS / Linux)

If you want to change the popup blocker setting on Opera for Windows / Mac OS/ Linux, follow these steps:

  • Open Opera browser
  • Click the Settings at the down-left corner of the browser
  • Write Block Ads in the search bar
  • Turn it on

    How to block popups in Opera (Windows / Mac OS / Linux)
     block popups in Opera (Windows / Mac OS / Linux)

Details: Open your Opera browser from your PC, Mac or Laptop and click on the Settings icon that will be on the down-left corner of the Opera home window. Now, write the Block ads in the search bar and press enter from the keyboard. Turn the first option Block Ads on to block ads or turn it off to allow ads.

You see the second option Track Blocker. According to Opera “Opera’s tracker blocker feature blocks online tracking from analytic scripts, tracking pixels, and other methods of data collection. Removing trackers protects your privacy and data, as well as helps pages’ load faster. Simply turn Track Blocker on to do so.

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