How to Charge Your Mobile Phone Fast?

Many mobile manufacturing companies like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Oppo are producing their products. Androids and Apple phones are the leading operating systems that are used in mobiles. Its awesome features, usability, and creditability make them unique from other mobile operating systems. I personally use the android and apple set and every mobile phone like Android, iPhone, and iPad have one common issue; and that is slow battery charging. Battery health varies with the passage of time and causes short battery health and slow down mobile performance. It takes a lot of time to charge and you can’t wait for it, right?

how to charge your mobile fast
how to charge your mobile fast

In this guide, I am going to show you that how to charge your mobile fast in simple and easy steps:

1. Turn on airplane mode while charging the phone

This is the basic and important way to charge your mobile fast. Just drag up or down (position may vary on Android or Apple devices) and press Airplane mode (Flight mode). This reduces battery consumption but keeps in mind that you will not receive any phone calls, messages, or mobile data after turning on this feature. But it will decrease the charging time of your battery and charge your battery faster than usual.

2. Turn off your mobile

If your battery is about to run out, turn off your mobile and start charging. The battery is not used when you turn off the mobile. All applications that run in the background and we don’t know, use a lot of battery and slow down the charging speed. When you turn off your mobile, all hidden applications and software will be shut down. Of course, this will help to charge the mobile battery faster.

3. Turn off your Wi-Fi, mobile data, GPS and, Bluetooth

Mobile data use more battery than Wi-Fi, but that doesn’t mean Wi-Fi doesn’t use a battery. So try turning off mobile data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Mobile data sometimes reduces charging speeds by up to 50% of normal charging time. So this is the biggest factor in slowing down the charging speed of mobile batteries.

Sometimes you turn on your location map to find your desired location. Did you know that GPS Locator updates your location regularly? Definitely, it uses a lot of mobile batteries which slows down the speed while charging your mobile. So turn it off to charge android mobile quickly.

4. Use Original Charger Lead and Adopter

This is an important factor that we usually use a normal and cheap mobile charger lead and adopter when we lose our original charger. This slows down the charging speed as well as damages the health of the battery. There are many trademarks in the market and they consider their products to be the best in the world. But you can only buy original brand original products. Therefore, it is better to always stick to the actual charging to avoid losing the battery and fast charging.

5. Avoid using your mobile while being charged

Generally, we use mobile phones while charging. This is a bad habit and harmful for your battery as well as for you. The smartphone may explode when you use it while charging as it gets very hot and takes a long time to respond to your requests. So when you use a mobile phone, all the apps in the background keep running and as a result the mobile charging is slow.

6. Never charge your mobile phone with Laptop

It is very common that when we do work on laptops or PCs, we connect our mobile device to the laptop or PC. We leave smartphones to be charged. Do you think this is the best way to charge mobile fast? Absolutely not!

You know mobile adopter has much power as compared to the USB port of the laptop. So charging your iphone phone by laptop reduces the battery health and increases the time to be charged. So use the mobile adopter and original data cable to charge your mobile fast.

7. Do not charge your mobile battery 0-100%

This is the main reason we have lost the health of our battery. When we want to charge our cell phone, we connect it to the charger and let it charge. We wait until it is 100% charged and we disconnect it from the charger. This is very detrimental to your battery life. Always charge your battery to a maximum of 95%. It will never damage your mobile battery.

Hope you enjoyed the list and you can charge your iPhone fast as well with these steps. The above steps will increase your battery health. You can boost up your mobile charging easily and it works on all devices like android, iPhone, iPad, etc. If you still need any further assistance, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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