How to Complete All Steps in Nascent Dawn

Nascent dawn is unarguably a very wonderful game and I am sure that all the games love this game very much and love to play it. The game is very competitive and it fuels the challenging nature of the players when they play the game. The quest in game gives different missions to players and there are many players who sometimes feel that the levels are very difficult that is why they look for tips and tricks that will help them in completing all the nascent dawn quest steps. 

In the article, we are going to tell you about the different objectives that people need to complete in the game and what factors will help them in securing a safe position in the game.

Complete All the Steps of Nascent Dawn Quest

There are five different levels in the game and people need to fulfill some objectives. If you are not familiar with the objectives of the game then, there is no need for you to worry as we are going to tell you about them. 

Different Objectives in the game:

  1. Fulfill all the patrol missions on the planet Mars
  2. Defeat a lost sector on the same planet
  3. You also need to collect and then join resonant stems to locate the sleeper node in the game
  4. Upload the memory in the game and then, tell about the same to Ana Bray

Nascent Dawn Steps:

There are different steps in destiny 2 nascent dawn and we are going to make it a little easy for you to know how you can cross the steps. 

Part One

The first part requires people to get some javelin kills and it is not very easy to do the same as the second part of the steps is also at the same level. You need to get 25 javelin kills in any place of your choice and then, complete the heroic adventure given to you. 

Part two

In the next part, you have some simple objectives that you can complete fairly easily as you need to cross all the levels of the escalation protocol and then, turn on the sleeper node that is present in Olympus descent. After completing all the missions, you also need to report all the actions back to Ana Bray. 

Part three

For this level, you need to keep the rifle that you have secured in the last two levels safe as you need to use those rifles here to complete standard kills in this nascent dawn level. The last thing that will ensure that this level is done is to defeat the fury mission. 

Part four

In the last step of the game, you need to get different javelin skills and you need to know these kills should be multi-skills and not standard ones. This is probably the most difficult level of the game as after this, your Nascent Dawn quest on Mars will be completed and you can get rewards and benefits from Ana Bray. 

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