How to Create an Attractive Instagram Bio to Get More Followers

To attract social media attention, many people adopt different social media strategies. They use a lot of content and other attractive things but they do not get more attention from others. so How do I attract my Instagram bio? Do you know why people do not get more devotion on social media? There are some factors that you are missing to use in social media management and that is Instagram bio!

In this article, I am going to show you that how to write an attractive Instagram bio to gain more attention on Instagram.  This article also covers complete biography on your Instagram bios and gives tips on how to optimize it to desert your followers’ attention!

What is an Instagram bio?

Instagram bio is considered as the first part that the users see on your profile after accessing your profile. On the other hand, users decide to follow you or not, after reading your bio.  In addition to being the only place in this forum that allows a clickable link.

This section also allows users to write a company’s description, use emojis and hashtags. One more important factor is, if you have a company then you can put your contact number, website address, area of expertise, and other useful information in the bio section of Instagram.

Instagram bio section allows 150 characters to write down who you are, what are you offering ad why are you offering. 150 characters are much to write an attractive Instagram bio.

What is an Instagram bio?
What is an Instagram bio?

What to put on Instagram Biography?

Before starting the idea that how to optimize the Instagram bio, let’s discuss in short the basics of this area and what are the possibilities to do in this section.


This is the first part that comes in the Instagram bio section. It is the ‘Name’ that will be displayed in bold. Obviously, it will be your brand name. It allows 30 characters to write down the name. You may use the keyword as a brand name. People search for any user by typing this name so be careful to write an optimized name on Instagram.


The username is not like the ‘Name’. Actually, the username of Instagram is your identity on Instagram. It will be your URL on Instagram. If you want to share your Instagram profile, your username will be shown to others. It should be the same just like your Instagram profile name and make it easier to memorize for the users so that they could find you easily on the social networks.


As I have discussed in the very beginning the Instagram bio is the only area where we can put the clickable links so add your blog’s URL. If you don’t have any blog so you can add any other social media links that express your identity as well.

Try to shorten your website URL to look pretty and don’t worry you can change the site link in your Instagram bio any time. If you want to use a tracking code, even better! Thus, it becomes possible to get statistics about your Instagram visitors.

How to assemble a biography on Instagram?

A brand biography needs to define who you are, what you do, and convey a unique personality. A good short space biography (as mentioned, 150 characters).

Just as you are considering some aspects of your profile that how to get an effective bio on Instagram, it is time to focus on expanding your Instagram bio.

1. Use emoji

Sometimes, you can find the most beautiful emojis that you can use in your interactions with the product. But it’s nice to be adding to this Instagram toolbox.

Selected emoji (faces, animals, top-level symbols, or characters) create a unique Instagram biography for your page. With fewer characters, the best Instagram bio with emoji can cost a thousand words! This well-used bar can tell your guests more about your business and what you stand for. Too much, right?

2. Use keywords

Keywords are used to improve profile tracking. Therefore, they are often found in biographies on Instagram for marketing strategies.

Think of the terms you want to find when users type in the search bar.

For example, if you have a law firm that specializes in taxes, it might be a good idea to use the keyword “tax law” in that space. So use the most appropriate keywords for your Instagram bio.

3. Divide the information with space or line breaks

Putting all the information in a text block can make the page dirty and tedious to the end of this reading, no matter how small. Therefore, divide the information by line or spacing.

Have you ever heard of scalability? We can apply this concept here. The text needs to be well presented and show important information clearly and impartially (this is a scanned text).

Instagram bio is no different! Present all your visitor’s interests (name, website, address, phone) clearly and accurately.

4. Use hashtags

Hashtags are powerful tools of any kind. With them, you can collect user-generated content. Nothing makes a brand story more fun than user interaction, right?

Add hashtags to your Instagram bio for your users to see and share your named content in the feed itself. From them, you will have easy access to these stocks and you can also participate in collaborations.

5. Include CTAs

As with any good communication and marketing, CTAs (call to action) are essential to the success of strategies.

What do you want your leads to do after visiting your Instagram profile? Who accesses your company’s blog? To read the content you should see recently posted? See any product launch? Please take the time and place to enter this link.

A good tip to remind your fans of an unusual feed post and a popular phrase to get to: “link to the bio”.

6. Write down your interests

As you know, Instagram is a social network, a visible place to meet and connect with people with similar interests.

So, listing your favorites is a good start to attracting like-minded people and expanding your social circle. You can also write Inspirational quotes for Instagram bio.

7. Use Different Fonts

The use of different fonts is a great way to attract user attention on Instagram. In this case, it is necessary to use external tools.

But use a little strategy, choosing a font in Instagram that matches the style of your audience.

Did you see how many opportunities the Instagram bio offers? As a posting strategy, this area of ​​your profile should not be overlooked. It is an important part of the success of any business on social media.

Now that you know how to improve your Instagram bio, learn to use all the features of Instagram for Business!

Hope you enjoyed the article and now, you will be able to Instagram bio ideas aesthetic by following the above methods.

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