How to Get The Best Windows Shared Hosting at a Low Price?

If you are starting a new website, you must find a web hosting service to get your website online. And for beginners, Windows shared Hosting can be the best option for web hosting.

But the problem is there are so many web hosting providers that offer so many hosting plans. And it is very difficult to find the best Hosting plan for your website.

First of all, we are recommending windows shared Hosting because it can provide a lot of benefits to a website. It is a trustworthy and reliable website hosting type. And most importantly it is the cheapest web hosting service among all web hosting services. So you don’t need to worry much about your budget is well.

In this article, we will tell you certain things you should look into windows shared hosting plan, and also we will tell you our recommended web hosting company that we think is the best web hosting provider.

Why Windows Shared Web Hosting is Best for a New Website?

As I said earlier, shared Windows Hosting can provide a lot of benefits to a new website and help it grow. Here I mentioned all those benefits with little explanation. So read them and decide if windows shared hosting is good for you or not.

A Microsoft Trust:

Windows is a Microsoft product and it’s an in-house operating system. It is the oldest and most reliable operating system as well. So, when you buy a Shared server with Windows OS you will get all the Microsoft benefits as well. There are many tools like MySQL and ASp.Net are only work in windows. And if you have built your website on any Microsoft Software then Windows Hosting is perfect for your website.


The cost of Shared Hosting is very low as compared to other web hosting services. The best Windows shared monthly plan can be had for as little as a few dollars each month. Thus, you can invest money in your business instead of spending it on web hosting services.

In-built cPanel:

Windows shared servers come with cPanel control panels. So you can do all server tasks very easily with the help of control panels. cPbales are very user-friendly control panels and it doesn’t require much technical knowledge to work with cPanel. 

Managed Hosting Services:

Shared Hosting is completely managed by the web hosting provider. All major updates and customizations are done by the web hosting company. So you don’t need to invest much time to manage your hosting service.

How To Get The Best Windows Shared Hosting Services to Your Website?

As I said Shared Hosting is a Web hosting service that is fully managed by the Web hosting provider. And if you want the best windows shared Hosting you must seek the best Web hosting provider that can offer the best Shared Hosting plans. And there are certain things you should look for in a web hosting company some of those are mentioned below-

Server Uptime:

Server uptime reflects the time in which a Server is running and functioning. And it is very important for a website to be hosted on a server that is running all of the time. And a good web hosting company always provides Web servers with a minimum of 99.90% server uptime guarantee.

Customer Support:

What if you ever face any problems regarding your server and no one is there to solve them? 

The answer is you will get frustrated and might hate your Web hosting service provider. So Before you Buy a Hosting plan from any company must check whether 24/7 customer support is available or not. Also, the support system has to be via chat or call, or email. If a company is using a ticket system then just refuse it because you don’t know when your provider’s technical team will reach out to you.


A Good web hosting provider always offers Web service with the highest amount of security possible. And in shared Hosting, it becomes a bit more important to choose a web hosting to provide which can provide robust security in servers because shared Serevsra re known as the least Secure Web hosting server. A Good web hosting company always provides a Free SSL certificate with Web servers as well.


Windows shared Hosting is n doubt one of the best Hosting servers for new websites but you must seek a web hosting company that offers all the features that are given in this article. 

We have done our research and we concluded that Hostbillo Hosting solutions are the best Web hosting providers. The company offers 24/7 customer support as well as a 99.90% server uptime guarantee. The technical team in Hostbillo has more than ten years of experience in the Web hosting industry.

Hostbillo offer cheap Windows shared Hosting plans with a lot of features. So must check their website to get more information about their plans and packages.