How to Make a Lasting First Impression on Facebook

How to Make a Lasting First Impression on Facebook. When consumers think about buying a product or service they go online to do a little research. Social media profiles are often among the top results in the search list for brand names. Buyers will probably see your Facebook page before they see your website.

That should tell you how important it is to use your social media to build and build the right brand of trust. In fact, social media channels are also searching engines and often consumers go directly to Facebook or other research social media channels.

While your website is full of information about your products or services, social media can work to build trust with consumers by allowing them to see beyond advertising and see what the company is up to on a daily basis as content changes.

Each of the strategies below is simple and easy to do but if you take the full effect, you will see how your Facebook page will help consumers believe that they can trust you and that you are the right decision.

1. Verify your page 

Sometimes Facebook only allowed celebrities and big brands to verify their pages so you know if it was a real person or brand and not a scam. Now, if you are a legitimate company, you can be verified again. You need proof of real business by providing a business phone number, a used bill with the business name, or your inclusion articles.

2. Personalization

Make sure you use your branding tools when creating your page. Keep up with your logo, color scheme, and style.

3. About the Page

This is where you can say something about your basic values ​​as a business and inform consumers about important company details. You can add links to other social media accounts, link to your website or specific products, and enter all your contact details.

4. Show some personality 

How to Make a Lasting First Impression on Facebook. Social media is not about selling your product or service. It’s about building engagement with current or potential customers. Displaying product demonstrations, behind videos or pictures, and even pets and family can help to show that there are real people behind that product.

5. Include product motivators 

Do you know those people who are known to everyone? If you can, upload your photos with them or tag them in the appropriate post. Only if you know them. Don’t just tag random promoters, that’s just a bad social media habit and they can end up blocking you. This will help bring new audiences to your page.

6. Share the good news 

Have you written or talked about the news? Post-it so your fans can share the fun with you.

7. Facebook Live 

Make a Lasting First Impression on Facebook. This is big and only growing. Also, the following will be able to see you as a real person behind the product and will be able to communicate with you live. Facebook Live videos get higher access than recorded videos.

Social media allows you to make a good first impression, and since you only have one chance at first glance, it is best to make it great!

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