How to Remove the Date From a Post URL in WordPress (100% Working)

WordPress has a default format of a post URL in every WordPress website. It contains the numbers that indicate the post URL but this doesn’t seem good for the reader. This format doesn’t tell much about the post as the URL tells the overall story of the content. The default URL will be like this:

Sometimes when you create a post or any page, it shows the date just ahead of the domain URL and then the permalink of your post. That also looks disgusting. So the WordPress allows users to change the WordPress permalink structure by their choice.  You can make the WordPress post permalink SEO-friendly by following these steps:

How to change the permalink structure of WordPress website

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard
  • Hover on Settings and then Permalinks

    Hover on Settings and then Permalinks
    Hover on Settings and then Permalinks
  • Check the Post name radio button

    Check the Post name radio button
    Check the Post name radio button
  • Press Save changes

Details: Open your WordPress website dashboard, press the Settings option on the left sidebar of the dashboard and then click on Permalinks. Here you will see that the default option Plain will be selected by default. You will see a lot of options below for the post URL. Just scroll down and select the option Post name. After selecting, press the Save changes and you have done. This will work for WordPress change permalink for posts only.

Let’s discuss the other permalinks WordPress structure:

Day and name/ Month and name

As we discussed in the beginning that the default URL is like numbers that refer to the post number. If you look at the list, the second and third options are Date and name/Month and name. When you select these options, the post URLs will be like: 2021/11/sample-post/

When you select Date and name it will indicate the published year, month and, date before the post URL. So when you select Month and name it will add the year and month parameters. It looks pretty good and this is also SEO-friendly but not too much because there is no need to make your permalink too lengthy.

Custom Structure

You can also make a custom URL structure for your post. This allows you to add more tags that are available just beneath this option. You can add categories, author, hours, and minutes to the post URL but as I described earlier that there is no need to make the URL lengthy so keep it simple, short, and meaningful.

Final Words

Hope you will be able to remove the date from the post URL in the WordPress site. Before changing the permalinks, make sure to remove 404 errors. If you find any missing URL that points to them and fixes the redirects. Changing the URL structure will also reset your social share counts. Unfortunately, most social share count services do not track the redirected URLs and will reset the share count for them.


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