How to Speed up the Internet on iPhone and Android?

Slow internet speed is the major issue that we face on our androids and iPhones. This is the most irritating action if web browsing on your smartphone is too slow. Find out how to speed up the Internet on iPhone and Android by reading our guide!

Well, there you need to boost up your internet speed with some real tricks and tips. There is no other way to speed up the internet speed at a higher level. There are certain issues that slow down your internet speed on iPhones and pads but you have to fix them to boost up your internet speed on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

When you open your mobile web browser like chrome, firefox, or opera and start to search for something on the browser but your pages load slowly and you have to wait for a couple of minutes. But a couple of minutes are a very long time, right? So you need to know that how to boost up the internet speed on a mobile phone? Follow the trick below to make your internet speed fast:

  • Use fast DNS servers
  • Check for any VPNs running on your device
  • Use alternative browsers

Use fast DNS servers

DNS is the full form of Domain Name Server. DNS is actually is a naming system to the internet services that is assigned to the services and domains that is easy to memorize for the internet users like ‘’ or ‘’. So, changing the current DNS on the phone to fast DNS servers is the best way to increase the speed of the internet on smartphones. This trick can be used on both Android and iOS.


If you keep a smartphone or tablet, and want to change DNS servers to speed up the internet, then follow these steps:

  • Turn on Wi-fi
  • Open Settings > Edit network > Show advanced options
  • Select the static IP option from IP settings
  • Type DNS servers in DNS1 and DNS2
  • Press save button

Details: First turn on your Wi-Fi from Android or iPhone and then open the device settings. Scroll down and tap on Edit Network and then Show Advanced Options. Now scroll down and find the IP settings from the list and click the static IP option. You will see two fields, DNS1 and DNS2. Fill in both fields with your desired IP address, which you think is best for speeding up the Internet, and then press the Save or Apply button.

Some recommended DNS servers for android are here:

  • Google DNS: primary address / secondary address
  • OpenDNS: primary address / secondary address
  • Cloudflare primary address / secondary address


Let’s see now how to speed up the Internet on iPhone and iPad. Also in this case it is possible to use faster DNS servers, by changing the settings related to the Wi-Fi connection.

Go to the Settings section (the icon that shows the gears), select the Wi-Fi item, and then click the button (i) next to the network name you’re connected to.

Now you have to go to the DNS section, click on Configure DNS, check the Manual item, press the (+) Add server button, type the address of the DNS server you want to use and save it.

Some recommend DNS servers for your iPhone devices are:

  • Google DNS: primary address  8.8.8 / secondary address
  • OpenDNS: primary address / secondary address
  • Cloudflare: primary address / secondary address

Check for any VPNs running on your device

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. It diverts your IP address to somewhere else in the world. This second method is quite easy for android and iPhone users and you can easily get that how to speed up the internet on smartphones and tablets. Just check for any VPNs running on your device.

However, you need to check if you are running a VPN on your mobile. In fact, it increases the ping of Internet data transmission from a fixed location and you can run ping network test also to check the internet speed. As a result, the speed of the Internet slows down and the loading time of web pages increases.

To check the VPN status on your android or iPhone, follow the steps below:

  • Android: Go to Settings  > Ret i> More  > VPN  and check for any VPNs that are working under VPN / VPN in use. If not, click on the name of the VPN  and then on  Disconnect
  • iPhone: Go to Settings and check that the  VPN  entry switch is set to  OFF. If it is ON, change it manually

Use alternative browsers

If you don’t know above all settings to speed up internet browsing on iPhone and Androids, then just relax. You can use some alternative browsers that will definitely boost internet speed. You see some default browsers on your smartphones and you use them accordingly.

So try to install some alternative browsers from the Play Store or Apple store.  Well, You can download fast browsers on your mobile like Chrome, Cent browser, Firefox, and Opera. These all are the best browsers for iPhone and Android but I will recommend you to install Opera browser as I use it on my smartphone.

Opera browser is the fast and capable web browser that compresses data up to 90% by its cloud technology. It increases the web browsing speed and opens the web pages fast. Opera browser also allows you to block popups and ads from the web pages that slow down the internet speed. So Opera browser is available on Play Store for androids and on Apple Store for iPhones.

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