How to use Fleets in your marketing strategy?

The brand needs to be present on social media where your audience is, right? But in addition, it is essential to know how to use the resources to favor the persona experience in the interactions that happen – How to use Fleets in your marketing strategy?

For this reason, we have listed different ways to use Fleets within the brand’s marketing strategy.

1. Ask a question to followers

One of the strategies to be able to engage people with content is to instill curiosity.

At Fleets, you can ask questions and receive answers directly at your DM. Without having to expose any of your followers on the timeline.

It is possible to ask about what the followers thought of the news launched by the brand, considerations about a specific product or service. If they have already accessed your e-commerce to check the promotions, etc.

Since the answer will not be published openly. The chances of getting honest feedback from your followers for the question raised are even greater. After all, there will be no insecurity from high exposure.

The brand needs to do this to play in their favor and explore the issues that will be available for 24 hours. You can learn a lot more about your persona and develop more personalized content strategies!

2. Submit temporary offers

Want to increase sales? Take advantage of Fleets to make announcements of promotions and instant offers.

By taking advantage of the characteristic of being a message that erases in 24 hours, it is possible to make a different “stock burn” or “lightning promotion”, offering a promotional coupon that will only be valid for one day.

People who view Fleets in time will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. To make the action even more intriguing, it is possible to tweet on the timeline talking about having “an unmissable novelty in Fleets”.

3. Share content made by customers (UGC)

The User-Generated Content (UGC) is content generated spontaneously by customers about the company’s products and services.

In Fleets you can share tweets that are directly or indirectly mentioned by the brand, serving as social proof of the quality of the products.

In addition, sharing generates an approximation between the customer and the brand. He feels valued for being seen by the company he admires and is closer to loyalty.

4. Highlight the content of daily tweets

Twitter has 230 million registered users, with most countries occupying the positions among the countries with the most people using the platform.

This means that the flow of information in messages posted daily on the timeline is insanely large. And your message can get lost in the midst of so much.

Fleets can help your content stand out from the crowd. As there is a specific bar for the resource when you publish something new your profile will be highlighted above the timeline of all your followers.

The order of the Fleets also follows the chronology of posts. That is, if you published a Fleets at a more recent time than other profiles, yours will be in the first position of that highlighted bar.

So your publication leaves the competition of the timeline and is evidence for your followers.

use Fleets in your marketing strategy
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5. Humanize the brand by showing behind the scenes

Finally, another way to be able to use Fleets in the marketing strategy on Twitter is with content made from the company’s backstage.

You can publish scenes of the work routine, employee interactions, show how the products are made, etc.

Therefore, this approach helps to bring the followers of the company closer, humanizing the brand and showing that it is made with care and thinking about customers.

No matter the size of the company. The important thing is to show followers the day-to-day life in videos and photos.

How do find out who saw the published Fleets?

But there is no point in publishing a Fleet considering your entire strategy. If you don’t know who viewed it, do you?

To follow who are the people who are viewing your temporary publications. Then open the  Fleets and touch the text “Seen by” which is at the bottom.

A list of the profiles – whether open or closed – that viewed your content will appear, giving you a sense of who the audience is who doesn’t miss their updates.

Where do Fleets go after 24 hours?

According to Twitter, the social network keeps a copy of all Fleets sent for a limited time saved after they expire or are deleted.

This measure is even a way to ensure the security of the social network, monitoring content that violates the terms and rules.

Twitter does not say how long it stores Fleets to do this analysis. But apart from it, no one has access to content that has expired or been deleted. Not even the author can review the Fleets he made days ago.

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