How to use Pinterest for brand marketing strategies?

The use of images to convey ideas is a powerful communication tool. If a picture is worth a thousand words”, as the Chinese philosopher Confucius famously said, then ask you, just how much it costs! And it is on Pinterest is of the opinion that: – communicate with and be inspired by pictures. Pinterest for brand marketing strategies

Pinterest allows you to create a corporate account. In addition to the possibility of links to other projects, and the creation of the content, Pinterest can be incorporated into a marketing strategy for the distribution of your brand and help you to increase audience engagement and new businesses around it.

A Pinterest for Business account, it’s the brand’s ability to interact with the community and to install, is to promote the services and to be able to demonstrate how to use your products with photos, among other resources.

However, with the ability to insert a link object, and the company has made the PIN will be in a position to get the audience on your e-commerce business website, blog, portal, social network, your account or any other page you want.

The activity profile also has a number of benefits with respect to employees, for example, access to your account on google analytics and how to obtain information about the target audience, a marketing manager, conversion of data, and access to, a marketing platform, and have the opportunity to register as an authenticated store.

Is a Pinterest for business account offers a huge opportunity for brands, especially in view of the strong growth achieved in the social network over the past year. In Brazil alone, there are more than 38 million users to run all kinds of queries on the platform each month, and a lot of the companies are already active online.

Convert your personal Pinterest account to business

If the brand you manage already has a personal account on the platform, you can migrate it to a Pinterest for Business account.

To convert your personal profile into a corporate one, just access the link below or, when logging into Pinterest, click the arrow on the right side of the profile picture in the top menu and choose the option “ Get access to tools for companies ”. Then click on “Switch to business account” at the bottom of the page.

Another option is to link a business account to your personal profile. This alternative keeps the two accounts separate, but with the same login for access. For this, it is necessary to click on the arrow on the top menu and go to “settings”. Then go to “Account Settings” and scroll to “Account Changes”. In “Linked business account”, click on the “start” button.

Track metrics on Pinterest Analytics 

For a digital marketing strategy to be effective it is necessary to monitor and analyze  brand indicators and metrics in the online environment.

One of the advantages of the Pinterest account for businesses is having access to the platform’s Analytics , a tool through which the brand can analyze the audience’s engagement with the created pins, find out how the interaction with the saved content of the connected accounts is, and check the pins more popular profile to help with the content creation strategy.

To find this information, just access Pinterest Analytics and filter the data visualization by period, device and format of the content published in the profile.

In addition to information about audience engagement with the profile, Pinterest Analytics also provides audience data , helping the brand to get to know you better. It is possible to view and compare elements such as age, gender, location and devices most used by users who follow and interact with the company profile.

Plus, this Pinterest feature is free !

Fill in all Pins information 

To make the most of Pinterest’s business capabilities, it’s important to optimize the platform’s profile to match the brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Be sure to fill in all the information for the pins and folders you created, such as a good title, a well-crafted description using keywords and the destination link to help with your conversion. The followers of a brand expect efficient content delivery .

As in other social networks , where  visuals are important, don’t forget to value the brand’s visual identity .

Find out what Pinterest Shopping is and use it

According to the network itself, most Pinterest users use the platform and save pins with the intention of buying something .

According to a survey released by Pinterest, 72% of respondents say they use the network to find new ideas for their everyday life and hobbies, which can result in purchases. The number represents almost twice that of Google.

And that’s why the platform has increasingly invested in a brand-only resource: Pinterest Shopping .

With this tool, the user can buy products directly from Pinterest, quickly, easily and securely. And the coolest thing is that the products are a pin category, created by companies active on the social network, which greatly optimizes the brand’s profile and increases conversion rates.

These pins not only show the product, but also the price and availability in stock. The information does not need to be entered on Pinterest as it is automatically updated according to what is made available on the brand’s sales website, via a Pinterest Shopping tag placed on product pages.

Integrate Pinterest with other social networks 

In addition to including Pinterest in the digital marketing strategy and outlining a specific content production plan for this network, it is possible to further improve the results of the business profile.

One of the tactics for this is to integrate it with the brand’s other social media . An integrated communication has much greater power to achieve results than an individual communication for each network.

You can, for example, share the pins on other media such as Facebook. When hovering the mouse or clicking on a pin. A button will appear that allows sharing, as shown in the image below.

You can also embed individual pins and entire folders on your blog through the “embed” feature or through widgets.

This way, you attract more audience to your profile and increase both traffic and engagement, generating new conversion opportunities. Also, turning visitors into followers is important for any social network.

And now that you know what Pinterest is and how to incorporate it into your digital marketing strategy, it’s time to increase the number of users who follow you on the platform to get your profile going.



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