Lee Yoo-Mi – The No Sister Actress

Throughout the last decade, Lee Yoo-mi has made a name for herself in the South Korean entertainment industry. She has appeared in numerous films, TV shows, and series. In this article, we will discuss her early life, acting career, and family.

Early life

During her early life, Lee Yoo-mi had a great passion for modeling and acting. She has appeared in many movies and television shows. Her acting skills have been highly appreciated by viewers. She has also been a popular social media influencer and artist.

Lee Yoo-mi was born in Jeonju, South Korea, on July 18, 1994. She was the youngest of six children. Her mother is a homemaker, and her father is a businessman. Lee yoo Mi sister has two sisters, and an older brother. She graduated from an unknown high school. She has also enrolled in Kyewon University of Arts & Design.

Lee Yoo-mi is known for her amazing acting skills. She has appeared in many films, such as “Cheo Yong 2” and “The Russian Novel”. She is also well known for her looks.

Acting career

Despite her young age, Lee Yoo-mi has become famous throughout the world due to her acting skills and appearance. She has appeared in several films and TV series. Lee Yoo-mi has accumulated millions of followers on Instagram. She is a well-known social media celebrity. She has also appeared in the drama series Squid Game. She is known for her role as Ji-Yeong.

Yoo-mi has been acting in movies and TV series for about a decade. She has also appeared in many commercials. She has also collaborated with several famous models. She has promoted numerous fashion, sports and makeup brands. She has an exclusive contract with Varo Entertainment until September 2020.

She has an estimated net worth of $1 million – $2 million. She has a fan page on Twitter and Instagram. She has over five million followers on Instagram. She has appeared in the drama series Squid Game and has gained global recognition.

TV appearances

Throughout her career, Lee Yoo-mi has acted in many TV shows and movies. She has also gained fame from her social media account. Through her Instagram account, she has endorsed various brands and makeup products.

Lee has been active in the acting industry for more than a decade. She made her first appearance as an actress in EBS’s Tv series, “Future Boy” in 2010. In addition, she has appeared in various episodes of South Korean TV shows. She has also acted in movies like Grape Candy (2012) and Hwayi: A Monster Boy (2013). She also has a role in Netflix’s web series, “Squid Game”.

Lee Yoo-mi started her acting career at a late age. She has worked with many famous actors and actresses. She has been nominated for several awards. Her performances have won her many fans online. She has been featured on several magazine covers.


Considering the number of actresses with the title “Korean actress” on their calenders, you can bet that she’s a star. She has been credited with a number of high profile hits over the years, from Precious Family to Twinkle Twinkle, and is currently enjoying a role in Hide and Seek. Her star power has increased thanks to her role in SBS’s ‘Star Face Off’. She’s also made a few headlines by landing a management contract with Key East last month.

Although she’s had her fair share of fame, there’s no denying that she’s still a child at heart. She’s the youngest in a family of six and has had her share of struggles, from getting into acting school to being pregnant to the point where her parents had to bail her out in a big way.

Net worth

Despite having no siblings, South Korean actress Lee Yoo-mi has become a popular star. Her performances in various television shows and movies in South Korea have led to her international fame.

Lee Yoo-mi is a prolific poster on Instagram. She has more than 6.5 million followers on the social networking site. She posts pictures of herself doing different activities and shots of her performances. She also shares details about her life on her Twitter account. She is currently signed to a contract with a South Korean entertainment company, Varo.

Lee Yoo-mi first gained fame with her role in the television series “Squid Game.” The show depicts players who risk their lives to play deadly games that have been based on an online webtoon. The series is currently the most-viewed series on Netflix.