Lighten up this Christmas with These Flowers

After Thanksgiving, it’s the day, and the familiar, heart-warming glimpse return and continue till Christmas Eve. Evergreen trees of varying ranges are strapped to station carriage and compact cars. We pull out our ornaments, tree lights, and candles. We polish our silver and hang corsage with beautiful bows on our front doors. The party circuit begins. But it wouldn’t entirely be the holidays without the Christmas flowers—the poinsettia, amaryllis, and paperwhite arrangements that round out the seasonal color palette.


With all the green, red, and glitter that multiplies in December, it’s a happy complement to watch clusters of paperwhites on tabletops and cabinets. Attribute their interest to the element of freshness and grace they bring without a lot of confusion. But possibly best of all is their perfume—a heady, distinct fragrance that gives our homes a unique aroma, which comes once a year.

These flowers are a part of the narcissus family but are a humbler and tinier flower than their flashier cousin, the daffodil. The narcissus represents rebirth and renewal because it’s one of the earliest bulbs to grow, signalling the arrival of spring. 


The affection for the holiday, with its consuming concentration in colour, festivity captivates all of us. It is well symbolized in the amaryllis, with its big, exuberant blooms and strong stems. It is also celebrated for its enduring flowers and its versatility in the organization. When gathered together with its sisters in a series along a mantel, the amaryllis makes a statement or massed in one pot. Amaryllis stems can also appear attractively when cut short and put together with other flowers.

These Christmas flowers, however, have an exciting and tragic history. The term suggests pride, resolution, and beauty to sparkle, presenting it as a fitting season symbol.


Between the intense, saturated, traditional red and burgundy or the more subtle colours of white and pink, the poinsettia’s petals or modified leaves with their wide-open surfaces virtually announce their significance in the garb of Christmas flowers. Piles of the plants arrive at the store or nursery with their plastic flowerpot swathed in metallic foil.

However, in all their brilliance, floral designers bring out the best in poinsettias, trimming the stems, searing them with a flame, and then building lush arrangements to celebrate their liveliness and innate beauty. Use our Houston TX flower delivery services and place orders for the best poinsettia available for your loved ones.


These flowers are part of the Rhododendron sprogs and are popular houseplants at Christmas, ideal for staving off the winter. Their beautiful, full blooms are beautiful for brightening up your home, with red and white the most popular colors during the festive time. These plants will be much accepted as gifts.

Once Azaleas start opening, their flowers last up to 4 weeks, creating them an excellent centrepiece for the whole Christmas week. They’re best kept in slightly chill, humid areas and away from warm sources. To water, deluge the pot in room temperature water and then let it drain. The soil should be kept soggy at all times, with watering usually required at least two to three times a week. Use our Christmas flower delivery services and manage all your decorations with ease.


Red roses aren’t just for romantic events – they’re also staples of Christmas bouquets. Their vivid color perfectly matches the traditional colors of the season, giving praises and a rapidly festive look. We especially love them compared with seasonal green berries and golden foliage for that classic Christmas color combination.

Red roses also work well in table centerpieces, bringing a vibrant pop of color to your Christmas table. If you want to use them in your Christmas decorations, we recommend ordering them to arrive a couple of days before Christmas. Manage all your Christmas flower arrangements in Houston with help of our Houston florist and get all the decorations done easily for the special day.

The enjoying part of the Christmas ritual from the 19th century, these flowers cast a strong foothold in traditional festivals every year. In most areas of the country, these flowers do not bloom outside in winter. Poinsettias like warmness, so as long as they have a bright spot to perch within, they grow proudly during December.

Amaryllis and paperwhites are springtime flowers that bloom when overpowered with the help of sunshine and water just in period for Christmas. All important, they are stalwart designs that have come to express the season. Now you can visit our website, to explore all our floral products and exotic flower delivery services with ease.