Never Underestimate the Power of Advertising on TikTok

Hey hey hey! Have you heard the recent news?

Tiktok has been the most visited website of 2021, even more than google.

Unbelievable, right?

So now you can make out how popular TikTok is getting these days. You can take advantage of this growing popularity. Tiktok is one type of video maker online and by running good TikTok ads, you can easily drive traffic into your sales funnel. If you want to get your hands on a full video maker online, click here.

In this blog, we will be discussing the various aspects of TikTok ads like the cost, the pros and cons, the traffic you can get and so much more exciting information.

Ready? Let’s start.

Cost of TikTok Ad as Compared to Other Platforms

As you know in a sales funnel, first your audience registers for your webinar or service then they are shown a demo and then they purchase your service/product. Right?

For running these ads, you pay the platform a sum of money. Now, how do you calculate how much cost it takes to bring in a client? The parameter is CPA (Cost Per Action). The action can be anything that brings the client to the mouth of the sales funnel. In this case, registering for a webinar or service.

The CPA of TikTok is around $8. This means that it costs you $8 to make a person register for your service.

This cost is a staggering 35% cheaper than Facebook ads. On Facebook, the CPA for the same ad can be $11-$12. This is so because TikTok is a new platform. The reach is underpriced as there are not a lot of advertisers yet.

The interface of TikTok ads is exactly similar to that of Facebook. So if you are habituated to running Facebook ads campaigns, you won’t face many problems doing the same for TikTok. It can stand out as a better video maker online.

Never Underestimate the Power of Advertising on TikTok

The Effectiveness of TikTok Ads

Now, when we have understood that TikTok is much cheaper and similar to use like Facebook, let’s move on to our next question “Does a TikTok audience buy?” “Are the lead quality as good as other platforms?” To be very honest, this is still questionable. We will tell you why.

Tiktok is still a “single session attribution”. We will tell you what it is.

For TikTok to register a lead as a conversion, the person has to swipe and make the purchase as soon as they see an ad. If a person, after seeing the ad, purchases after 3-4 days, it will not be counted by TikTok as a conversion. This makes the numbers quite under-declared. The conversion is actually higher than what TikTok shows in the analytics.

Tiktok is also a single event attribution platform. Meaning, you cannot see beyond the first action. Let’s see an example

Suppose a person after seeing your ad, goes on to register for your service. That’s it. That’s all you can know. By TikTok ads, you cannot track more than that. You cannot see if the person actually views your webinar or ends up buying your service.

This is so because TikTok is still new. It’s not as mature as other platforms. They are working on it and this feature hasn’t rolled out yet. Even in its infancy, it shows promises of becoming a very popular video maker online.

Whom can You Target?

Let’s talk about another aspect of TikTok. It’s a bit weird. You can only target the people of the country they opened your ad account in. This means, if you are to target the people of Singapore, you have to open a TikTok ad account that’s based in Singapore.

By now you have got a good idea about TikTok ads and their efficiency in generating leads. There’s a small downside to it and let’s talk about that now.

You cannot moderate the comments. When you run an ad campaign on any video maker online, it is bound to get hate comments and troll comments. In TikTok, you can either keep the comments on or off. You cannot moderate it. We would suggest you do not turn the comments off, as it blocks the only possible social interaction with your audience.

What About Organic Growth?

Another minor downside to TikTok ads is that it does not help you with your organic growth. When a person clicks on your profile in the ad,  it doesn’t land him on your profile page as opposed to the othervideo maker online. But anyway, organic growth is dead, but there remains a small spillover effect.

For running a TikTok ad, you need approval from TikTok. It’s easy to get it. You need to make sure that there is no mismatch between the product in the ad and that on the landing page. You also need to take care that your content is not age-restricted or vulgar. Maintaining these conditions makes your ad good enough to get approved.

Never Underestimate the Power of Advertising on TikTok


Wrapping up, here on TikTok, the low cost of advertising makes it possible for you to generate a large number of leads within your advertising budget. The low CPA and large target audience is a massive advantage over other platforms. So, we expect that if you have read till here, you have realised the potential of TikTok ads and will use it to take your business to the next level! Thank you.

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