Office Putting Set: What is office putting set?

Life is full of hustle and bustle. People don’t have enough time to focus on extra curriculum activities. So, office games help them to relax. Office putting sets are portable games used by professionals in their free time. These professionals utilize their free time in order to relax their minds after intense hard work. These games can be played by a single person or multiple individuals or it can accommodate multiple people in a single play.

Talking About Golf in Company:

Golf is a high-end game. It is played in a large area. Although, professionals play them in the office. They make their ground indoors. It requires a small space. Most companies allocate a room where Golf ground is made.

I’m not saying it can only be played in offices. People make their own small ground at home especially for kids.

What is the best office putting set?

  • Perfect Putting Mat
  • FORB Professional Golf
  • Putter Ball

1.      Perfect Putting Mat

We all know that mat is bumpy if it is placed indoors not like the original one which is placed outdoors.

It is easily folded and can be carried wherever a person wants. Just a ball and a golf club are required. It is placed in a small room. Even kids can play.

2.      FORB Professional Gold:

It’s similar to putting club only difference is its mat is different. It will cost around $200.

With a FORB professional mat, you can practice green conditions at home and office.

There is a different style of putting mat available. The standard version is 12 feet long and has 2 holes. It is created by using 40mm rough and 12mm smooth putting green surface providing a similar feel to players as they are playing in the ground.

3.      Putter Ball:

The putter ball is also belonging to the family of office putting sets. The rule of putter ball is reminiscent of a standard game of beer pong. The purpose is to make all 6 six cups before the opposing team. Additional rules from beer pong (death cup, naked lap) can be added at your own discretion.

Further, the rules are different which a non-player can learn quickly.

What’s included?

  • Putter ball portable turf board
  • 2 standards 31-inch mini golf putter. Good for both left/right-hand players
  • 2 standard putter ball logo performance golf ball
  • 12 turf hole covers (placed over a hole when the cup is made, just like removing a cup of beer pong)

The above one is a deal that can be purchased for around $229.


From my point of view putter ball is the best choice or worth buying. Because the deal is available on different websites ( Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Walmart )