Palmistry – What is Cheiromancy?

Palmistry is the study of palm lines and palm shapes in order to identify a person’s characteristics, personality, temperament and predict events in one’s life. This practice has been around since several decades ago; palm reading is believed to have originated from India.

# One of the palmistry terms used for palm reading is Cheiromancy. Cheiromancy means palm reading in Greek. Palmistry includes palm shape analysis, palm lines or palm patterns interpretation and palm reading based on the size of palm.

# Palmists are also known as cheirologist.

# According to palm reading, each part of the palm has a meaning, for instance the heart line represents love life, longevity, palm lines can indicate one’s personal growth, character and fate.

# Palmists believe that palm lines are set within 3 years of age so palmistry is said to be an effective method for people who are at least 3 years old. However palm reading is not enough because external factors such as the environment could change the palm patterns. People who have an active lifestyle may have palm lines that are not as accurate as those who lead a secluded life.

# Nails and palm prints indicate a person’s health condition because the nails reflect the heart pulse. The palm prints could be used for identification because palm prints never change from early age to old age.

# There are many palmistry or palm reading books available in the market.

# Palmistry is also called palm reading, palm analysis, palm interpretation and chiromancy which means palm knowledge from the Greek word ‘chiro’.

# Palmists use a cheirosophy chart to identify palm lines. Cheirosophy is a science of palm reading originated from the Greek word ‘cheiros’ which means palm and ‘sophia’ which means wisdom.

# Palm readers often visit palmistry schools in order to train to become palmists. To know more about palmistry, you can read palmistry books or search on the internet for palm reading articles.

Chiromancy is widely known as palm reading.

Chirognomy is another term for Chiromancy which means to know the palm of a human hand by its shape and size. Cheirosophy on the other hand is a more specific term used in Palmistry or Cheiromancy study of palms pertaining to lines and mounts.

Chiromancy is often used to identify one’s personal traits, future events and even character by reading the palm lines.

Chirognomy on the other hand is merely concerned with size, shape, structure along with weight distribution of the palm while Chirosophy is more interested in how it reflects one’s personality traits and character.

Chirognomy is also concerned with the skin, subcutaneous fat, color, texture and thickness of the palm whereas Chiromancy or Palmistry includes Chirognomy plus lines of the palms.

Chirology on the other hand is a term used for Chirognomy analysis of hands. This Chirology or Chirognomy study of hands is an alternative term used for non Chiromancy study of hands.

Chirology however does not include reading palms by interpreting the lines, shapes, size and weight distribution of the palm even though it includes Chiroscopic features or Cheiroscopy which is a more specific term used Chirognomy study of Chiroscopic features or Cheiroscopy.

Cheirosophy is a more specific term used Cheiromancy study of palm lines or Cheiroscopy.

Cheiromancy is the art of reading the palm for fortune telling purposes. Cheiromancers are palmists who can interpret your palm lines. Cheiromancy is also called palmistry which has ancient roots in the eastern religions of Hinduism, Chinese Taoism and Buddhism.

Cheiromancy or Palmistry can be traced to ancient Babylon where priests believed that the future could be foretold by the markings on the palms of their hands.

Cheiromancers are often regarded as clairvoyants as they have the ability to read palms by reading certain symbols and lines which can foretell one’s future.

Cheiromancy or Palmistry is a divination where Cheirosophy is a science of Cheiromancy study of hands along with Cheiroscopy which means palm reading.

Cheirognomy is Cheirology study of the shape, size and weight distribution of the palm. Cheirology also includes Cheiroscopy which is a Cheiromancy study of Cheiroscopic features or Cheiroscopy such as lines, mounts and curves.


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