Reset QuickBooks Registration I An easy and effective method

If you purchase a brand fresh QuickBooks item, then you will be legally required to register the product within the first month. Enter a code which is supplied by the company to ensure it can be registered and the QBregistration.dat file is created. You will need to reset QuickBooks registration if the file becomes corrupted or you encounter a different issue with registration. In this blog, we’ll detail the steps needed to complete the procedure and other aspects that are related.

If you encounter problems when trying to reset your QuickBooks registration, you’ll require the help of an professional. Contact us at (888)-704-1357 and speak to one of our Pro Advisors certified by the IRS.

Important points to consider prior to resetting QuickBooks registration

If you’re looking to change the QuickBooks account on the computer it is important to take note of these key aspects. They are:

  1. You must collect your Product ID and your license number prior to you begin the reset process.
  2. To find the registration and licensing details, go to The Intuit CAMPS portal.
  3. Be sure to have a working and active Internet connection to ensure that your product is registered

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How do you make a QBregistration.dat File?

You can make a QBregistration.dat to replace the existing file. When you name your file in QuickBooks, it will be unable to locate and retrieve the file. You’ll need to sign up the program and then make a QBregistration.dat file. The steps in detail are as the following:

  1. Be sure to close your file that is open in the QuickBooks Company file and also close QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Desktop application.
  2. Right-click the ‘Start’ button on your desktop and select the “Open Windows Explorer” option.
  3. Access the drive that you use for your systems (Mostly Drive C) and then go to the installation folder for QuickBooks.
  4. Set the settings to enable so that you can see hidden folders and files in the Explorer window.
  5. Find QBregistration.dat QBregistration.dat file by browsing the folder, or using the search option.
  6. Right-click the file, choose the option ‘Rename.
  7. Include (.old) to the last part of the file’s name. Press the Enter key to save the file.

This makes the previous file ineffective since QuickBooks will not be in a position to find the file. When you start the application, you’ll be required to register your software once more. This means that you have reset your QuickBooks the registration process successfully.

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The blog was a comprehensive explanation of the procedure of resetting QuickBooks registration as well as its associated aspects. Follow the steps that was discussed above to carry out the procedure comfortably. If you encounter problems, contact us at (888)-704-1357 to seek assistance with one of our QuickBooks experts.

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