Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Guide and Tips

As a Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification aspirant, you must be facing obstacles preparing for the exam! Trust us on this; this comprehensive guide will help you get a roadmap of what you should be doing instead of just hovering on the internet for resources.

Salesforce Cloud Consultants have a critical role to play. Sales Cloud Consultant is one of the most in-demand Salesforce certifications, especially raging in the IT world post-pandemic. As Salesforce states, it is “designed for those who have experience implementing Sales Cloud in a customer-facing role, successfully designing and implementing solutions that are maintainable and scalable.”

This blog will take you through the best tips for the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification exam. Let us get started.

Here are the Salesforce Cloud Consultant Guide and Tips:

Develop Your Skill Set

A Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant is a person who is skilled with both the knowledge of the Cloud Computing platform and practical sales strategies. Hence, having a solid base in consultation, an analytical approach to solving complex problems, understanding the new technologies, and task mitigation are mandatory if you wish to become a Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant.

There are skills you need to be proficient at performing that will show whether you will shine as a Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant or not. For example, develop solutions that have scalability and are maintainable, helping customers build trust for the organization, troubleshoot issues and solve them with utmost importance, meet customer expectations, etc.

Before you sit for the certification, make sure you have these skills so that you can not only qualify for the certificate but get a high-paying job out of it with your proficiency in being a well-versed Sales Cloud Consultant.

Study The Exam Outline

The Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant certification has a strategic question outline like most other certifications. Salesforce tries its best to maintain a quality question paper to make sure it can strain out the most capable consultants from the examinees. It sets the question paper by dividing it into several sections and has a percentage of questions under all those sections.

The outline that the exam paper is set on is:

  • Sales Cloud Solution Design- 21% (13 questions)
  • Opportunity Management- 13% (8 questions)
  • Account and Contact Management- 13% (8 questions)
  • Implementation Strategies- 12% (7 questions)
  • Sales Cloud Analytics- 9% (5 questions)
  • Sales Productivity- 9% (5 questions)
  • Marketing and Leads- 8% (5 questions)
  • Integration and Data Management- 8% (5 questions)
  • Industry Knowledge- 7% (4 questions)

The question paper has 65 questions, among which 60 are multiple-choice and 5 are non-scored. You will be given 105 minutes to solve the paper and are expected to achieve at least 61% as passing marks. This simply means that you have to crack at least 37 questions out of 65 to pass.

Diversify Your Knowledge

The life of a Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant is filled with unexpected challenges and complex issues that arise from both the organisational front and the customers. As an executive in the Sales team, the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant is responsible for handling many duties. 

If you aspire to be a Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant, you will need to diversify your knowledge to overcome these challenges and resolve the problems you will face in the workspace. Being static in learning new techniques and technologies will hinder your growth as a professional. You cannot bear to limit yourself only to the primary studies.

Hence, it would be our advice to start prepping up before getting certified. Learn about lead management, sales strategy implementation techniques, time management of outsourcing the third party assistance, designing sales campaigns, etc. Knowing these will help you become an extraordinary sales cloud consultant and help you upscale in the industry faster.

Train Yourself With Help

There can never be a better tip than this one for a Salesforce certification aspirant. One needs to train themselves to qualify for the certification exam, and it is not possible with the free resources available on the internet.

You can definitely gain some knowledge with the available resources, but to ace the examination that would make your future self proud of you, a course is much needed. An online course on Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification can help you gain the knowledge and resources worth having.

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We hope this blog on Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Guide and Tips could solve some of your queries. Remember, there are no shortcuts to success. Prepare hard and come out with flying colors. Good luck!