Social Media Widget: Everything You Need to Know

Social media is at its prime, and businesses are leveraging the attention span of the vast user base for building their brand. But with the rising competition, you need to get innovative and keep up with the latest trends.

One such practice is the use of social media widgets. Brands are bringing the charm of social media to their websites to engage with their users and convert them into customers.

Don’t miss out! Learn how you can use it for building your brand.

What is a social media widget?

A social media widget helps you collect social media feeds, presents them on a wall, and can embed them on a website.

For example, you can collect an Instagram feed and embed it on your website.

Using a Social media widget, you can collect feeds from different social media platforms. With a social media widget, you can show your brand’s content, UGC, and content from popular social media accounts.

Features of a Social Media Widget

Sync account and automatically update feed: With the use of a social media widget, you can sync your social media account, and it will update your widget in real-time. For example, you are fetching content from #MaldivesDiaries on Instagram. As soon as there are new posts on this hashtag on Instagram, it will automatically show on your website widget.

Filter and Moderate social media feed: A social media widget helps you filter and moderate content. So you can show only high-quality content on your website.

Customize design: With social media widget, you get layouts and basic editing features to enhance the look and style of your social media feed.

Analytics: The analytics feature helps you see the performance of your widget and how people are engaging with the social media content. 

Benefits of using social media widget

Social media widget is very simple, and adding them to your website will bring great benefits to your business.

1. Increase engagement

Adding a simple social media widget to your website can help you boost your audience engagement level. The social media feeds are very interactive and effective in holding the attention of your audience. A beautifully created social media feed will make your website visitors stop scrolling and engage them to see the content.

The technical benefits of this small effort are an increase in dwell time which sends positive signals to the search engines, thus helping in improving your SERP ranking.

2. Enhance website style and looks

When the audience visits your website, the first thing noticed is how you have presented your brand. Your website design and content leave the first impression on your audience, and you need to make sure it is good. You can create a beautiful widget and embed it on your website with a social media widget. It will help you bring grace and visual appeal to your website.

3. Give social proof to win the audience trust

A major benefit of using social media widgets is that you can get collect user-generated content. Showing UGC on the website will help you create brand authority and win the trust of your audience because UGC is the best for showing that people love and engage with your brand. You can show customer reviews, employee reviews, photos, and videos of happy customers using your products.

4. Show product galleries to sell more

You can create UGC product galleries with the social media widget. Showing UGC through social media widgets can boost your conversions immensely. Because when a new website visitor sees that people already love your products, they will be more interested in buying from you. You can even add a CTA button to speed up the conversion process.

5. Show strong business values with Employee Generated Content

If your employees share their experiences and memories at your company, then you can create a beautiful feed and embed it on your website. It will show that your company has strong values and treats employees well. This will help you attract more talented employees in future hiring processes.

Are you excited to leverage the social media widgets for your business and get all these benefits? Let’s move on to the next section and learn how to embed it on your website.

Methods of how to add Social Media Widget

There are a few methods to embed social media feeds on your website.

1. Social media aggregator tools

These aggregator tools are very useful in collecting feeds from multiple sources and displaying them on one beautiful social wall; for example, Taggbox Widget, Smash Ballon Widget, Tagemmbed Widget, etc.

2. Website plugins

Website building platforms offer plugins that help users easily aggregate content from the social media platform and embed it on the website. For example, Taggbox Widget wordpress plugin, Smash balloon wordpress plugin, etc.

Final Thoughts

We are at the end of this mini-guide on the social media widget. We hope you are now aware of a social media widget and how you can use it. Create impactful social media feeds and add them to your website. Leverage the benefits of using social media widgets and upscale your online presence.