The Importance of Packaging in Marketing the Products

Packaging, which was previously seen as nothing but a layer for the protection of the product inside. In the older days, manufacturers did not pay much heed to the branding as it was not one of the customers’ expectations. However, with the evolving times, consumer behavior has changed. This has led to an increased importance of the branding elements.

Nowadays, product packaging plays a pivotal role in the selling process. A cardboard box has become an effective communication channel, and a salesman to brands use to engage and entertain the customers. Half Price Packaging, a leading packaging material designing, and production company, have gathered some important reasons why packaging is important from a marketing perspective.

Why is Packaging so Important for Marketing

According to a study, 52% of consumers return to a business for their next purchase if they like the packaging. Moreover, 90% of the buyers reuse the product packaging boxes and bags after their purchase. Hence, the packaging is of great importance. Here are some ways in which packaging helps in marketing:

Stand Out from the Competition

With thousands of similar products in the market, your product needs something unique to stand out. This is where product packaging can do its magic. According to a study, one-third of the customers’ purchase decision is based upon the product packaging. Therefore, it won’t be incorrect to say that packaging has a significant impact on the driving of sales. It’s all about creating first impressions. The packaging is the first thing that the customer notices and interacts with. It makes your product different from others. The right packaging can make your product pop out from the shelf and land in the shopping cart. Yes, packaging done right can do this much for your product!

Communicating the Message

The packaging of the product acts as a portable billboard for the brand and allows you to speak with the brand directly. It is called the facing of the brand and showcases the brand in front of the audience. It draws attention to the product. Furthermore, it sets your brand apart from the plethora of competitors. A product packaging conveys your message to the buyer in a short, concise, and enticing way.

The packaging must contain the following:

  • Brand name
  • Product details
  • Ingredients
  • Instructions
  • Warnings
  • Price
  • Government Regulatory Information

Adding all this information allows you to be fully transparent and upfront with the buyers. Being fully transparent with the customers is a good way of building trust with the customers.

Better Customer Experience

While companies spend a huge chunk of their time on design and conceptualizing the products, packaging often becomes an afterthought. Many companies don’t even prioritize packaging. However, today, packaging has become an integral part of the customer experience. Especially with the eCommerce business reaching a peak, packaging has become more important than ever. How? When a customer unboxes your amazingly packaged products, it evokes a positive emotional response. And when others see this unboxing, they are more likely to fall in love with your product and invest in it.

According to a survey, 40% of the online shoppers stated that they are more likely to share a product video or image on social media if the packaging is attractive. This means that customizing your packaging according to the customers’ taste can surge the sales of the products.

Building a Brand Narrative

With the change in customer behavior, the marketing techniques have also changed. Just telling the consumers that your product is the best is not enough. You need to take a bigger you’re your customers want to know why your product is better? Who manufactured the product? How, why, and where was the product created?

Why do they want to know all this? Because they want to know your story before investing in the product. Storytelling is important for evoking an emotional reaction while informing the customers about the product and business.

When telling your brand story, keep it meaningful and simple. People love narrations that are simple, captivating, and the best way to do it is through your portable billboard. That is your packaging.

Using content, typography, and other design elements over the packaging can reflect your brand narrative in a unique way. It creates a memorable influence on the customers, both offline and online.

Final Words

Innovation has empowered packaging to turn out to be more intelligent for clients and more helpful in brand narrating. Your clients can filter the packaging and find extra information about your item. Moreover, it tells them about your brand’s main goals, qualities, and story. Packaging plays a key role in promotion and marketing today. Customizations and personalization are essential to telling your brand story! The packaging not just tells your brand story but also improves brand recognition.