The Story of a Self-Made Forex Trader-Shane Delano Brandon Chin

Shane Delano Brandon Chin (

Growing up, Shane never quite felt like he fit in. He was born in Jamaica to a Jamaican mother and a Chinese father, and his mixed heritage made him stand out in a sea of brown faces.

Additionally, Shane was not the smartest child in his class; he struggled with reading and other basic academic skills,as a result, he often felt isolated and alone.

However, Shane’s mother believed that the United States would offer her son better opportunities, so when Shane was ten years old, they moved to America.

Although the transition was difficult, Shane eventually found his place in the world. He discovered that he loved learning and went on to earn straight A’s in high school and college.

High school was a time of growth and opportunity for him. He graduated with good grades and was given almost a full scholarship to college. At first, he wanted to be a professional soccer player.

He had been the captain of every team he’d ever played for, so he thought it was his destiny.

When he was in college, his dream was to become a doctor – more specifically, a Neurosurgeon. This was largely due to the fact that he had read a book called “Gifted Hands” by Ben Carson.

The story inspired him because he could see himself in Carson’s shoes; both were loners who wanted to do something that would make a difference in people’s lives.

However, he eventually came to realize just how much debt he would be incurring if he pursued this dream, and so he dropped out of college and took a job as a customer service agent at US Airways.

After being introduced to network marketing and failing to gain any traction, he was introduced to forex. He dove in headfirst, studying obsessively and following a strategy. It paid off, and he started seeing returns of $500 a day.

Shane eventually withdrew their earnings and realized that there was no turning back- he was hooked. He continued to grow his earnings, making $5000 some weeks while also attending nursing school.

This goes to show that with dedication and focus, anyone can find success in forex.

In just two months of trading, Shane made enough money to quit nursing school and become a full-time trader. He continued to refine his skills and develop new strategies over the years, and today he is a successful trader with a net worth of over 7 figures.

Shane is also passionate about giving back, and he donates 10% of his trading profits to charity each year.

Coaching one on one is the best way to learn according to Shane.

He is now offering one-on-one instruction ( to those who wish to learn. He believes that this is the best way to brainwash strategy into their client’s mind. This method is also used by other well-renowned coaches.

Having said that, many clients simply don’t have the time or patience to learn. In this case, he offers account management where they trade for clients who want to create a source of passive income.

This is a service that has gained popularity in recent years.

Shane has managed to create a successful coaching business and account management service by offering quality services and delivering results.

They continue to help clients reach their goals and exceed their expectations.

In the future, Shane plans to use his success to help others achieve their dreams. He wants to become one of the largest hedge funds in the world and make a positive impact on the lives of people all over the globe.

Someday, he even hopes to open his own orphanage.

Shane knows that anything is possible if you set your mind to it, and he is living proof of that.



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