Things To Consider Before Applying For Your Express Entry

Applying for express entry is a little complicated, and there is a high rejection rate. You only need to make a small error to get your application rejected. So ensure that you know all the procedures by approaching Canada Immigration consultants. Here are a few tips that may help you apply without errors.

Note: Express Entry and Canada Startup Visa program are different methods. 

Category Requirements

You will get the invitation to Permanent Residence in Canada through express entry through one of the following categories:

  • The federal Skilled Worker Program
  • The Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

Each of these has different requirements, so ensure that you satisfy all of them. 

Comprehensive Ranking Score

Ensure that you meet the minimum CRS or Comprehensive Ranking Score required by the Invitation to Apply or ITA. The score depends on your skills, education, and language ability.

Required Work Experience

Ensure that you have the required work experience. The Express Entry System uses only month and year. So you might get an invitation before you gain the necessary experience. You may only miss a few days; however, your application will get rejected.

Police Clearance

You require police clearance for each country in which you live. This clearance should be within the past six months if you live in the country. However, if you are not living there, the police clearance should have been issued after the last time you lived there. 

Educational Credential Assessment

Include an educational credential assessment to avoid the delay in finding your academic information online. 


Sometimes the emails from IRCC may go to spam. So keep checking your SPAM folder until you get your permanent residence. 


You need minimum funds to apply for Express Entry. Keep these throughout the entire process until you get your PR.

Changes to Family Composition

Declare the changes to your family, like pregnancy, divorce, or marriage. If you fail to mention these changes, you might get barred from Canada forever. 

Translation Requirements

If you have documents in languages other than English, ensure that you get them translated according to IRCC guidelines. 

Watch the expiry of any crucial documents.

You should check if any important documents have an expiry date between your Invitation to Apply and your submission. The documents include:

  • Passport
  • Language Test
  • Educational Credential Assessment
  • Medical Exam
  • Police Clearances
  • Labor Market Impact Assessment
  • Temporary Status Expiry

Don’t forget to click submit for additional documents.

You may require to upload additional documents. However, you have to click the submit button to complete the upload.

In conclusion, there are many factors to consider while applying for Expert Entry. It would be better to get help from Canada Immigration Consultants to ensure that your application is proper. You can benefit from their years of experience. They usually have a review checklist to identify quickly if your application is in order. There is no guarantee that you will get another invitation for an Express Entry. Therefore, ensure your application is complete; Canada Immigration Consultants can help you with that.