Tips For Long Lasting Eyelash Extensions

Are you looking to put your stable-hand skills to use as a lash extension tech?

Everybody loves beautiful eyelashes. Dense and perfect lashes can make any person feel wonderful. As a lash extension tech, it is your duty to ensure that your clients maintain their lashes. To that end, you must be aware of these tips and pass them over to clients.

Before you register for an online lash course, read on to learn about a few tips and tricks. These tips will help ensure that your clients have a great experience and long-lasting extensions.

Tips to Maintain Lash Extensions

Avoid Contact with Water or Steam

The most important tip to pass on to your clients is to stress the importance of avoiding moisture contact. Protecting lash extensions from water and steam, especially during the first two days of application, is critical.

The lash extension glue takes up to 48 hours to dry completely. It means that the extensions take almost 48 hours to bond to the client’s natural lashes. Exposure to water or steam can adversely affect this bond, and thus the extensions may fall off sooner than expected.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

The best tip that you can pass on to your client is to choose water-based products over oil-based products. The reason is that oil from these products can weaken the strength of the glue. It is always great to have a few recommendations of water-based products ready to help your clients.

Clean Extensions Regularly

Inform your clients of the significance of regularly cleaning extensions to maintain their condition. Eyelash extensions last longer when maintained properly. As the lash extension tech, keep some cleanser recommendations handy. The cleanser must gently clean the lashes without affecting their bond with natural lashes.

Use the Right Eyeliner

An indispensable makeup product, eyeliners are extremely important for most clients. It is a common misconception that eyeliners cannot be used once someone gets lash extensions. This misconception stems from the fact that most eyeliners are oil-based.

However, some specially designed eyeliners can be used with lash extensions. Inform your clients that they can still wing it with the right eyeliner.

Avoid Oil-Based Makeup Removers

Unfortunately, most makeup removers have high concentrations of oil. It is because oil gives the best results as it glides smoothly over the face. Naturally, such makeup removers can weaken the bond of the extensions and damage them.

Look up the best oil-free makeup removers to give stellar recommendations to your clients.

Comb Lash Extensions

Remember to advise your clients to regularly comb their lashes, preferably daily. Often, they might forget that they have the extensions on and therefore not comb them.

Go a step further to remind them to brush the extensions, specifically after showers. Wet lashes may stick together.

Wrapping Up

Given the competition in this market, it has become important for businesses to add a personal touch to every interaction with the client. A key trick to standing out among the competitors is to offer a personal touch in your service. This is where personal recommendations and offering the best maintenance tips are helpful. It will make your client believe that you wish the best for them.

Besides taking an online lash course, do proper research on the best products in this field. It will help you come up with personalised recommendations for clients.