Top 4 Practical Promotional Ideas for Flag Day Celebration

Red, blue, and white. The celebration of Flag Day is more than just a play of color coordination inside your restaurant. It’s a great opportunity to create hype and promote your festivities during this patriotic celebration.

Psychology says promotions create a sense of happiness, making customers feel special and valued. Thus, presenting time-sensitive promotions during the Flag Day celebration lets customers feel the anticipation of dining in your restaurant and ordering meals based on your promos.

You can influence your customers’ ordering decisions if you promote your festivities in a timely and relevant manner.

Thus, you can use the features of a digital restaurant menu QR code software. You can suggest menu items, encourage add-ons, and increase their expenses above the expected minimum purchase with discount promos and other promotional ideas.

Keep reading to know more promotional ideas you can do in your restaurant during the Flag Day celebration.

List of Promotional Ideas

Here are some practical ideas for your restaurant.

  1. Offer time-based discounts

Time-sensitive promotions evoke a sense of urgency. This makes customers anticipate ordering the menu items in your time-based discount promotion.

For instance, create a 12nn-to-3 pm Flag Day Discount Bonanza for every menu item in your restaurant. This promotional idea is practical and effective, evoking an insistence for customers to order.

Let your customers access the discount in your menu QR code online ordering page. Allow them to explore and get to know the dishes included in the discount. Help them decide which menu items to place in their order carts by suggesting the best-selling meals.

  1. Social media awareness campaign

Social media is a diverse medium where you can promote your restaurant and engage online customers.

Most Millennials and Gen Zs spend leisure time scrolling through their social media accounts. You can use this opportunity to advertise your restaurant’s offer during the Flag Day celebration.

For instance, you can post a brand awareness campaign and a restaurant’s Flag Day celebration on your Facebook and Twitter business page to pique your customers’ interests.

This promotional idea is practical and relevant. You no longer need to send out newsletters or emails to prospective customers since you can already engage with the majority of your customer base.

  1. Host a patriotic party

Hosting parties during the celebration of Flag Day in your restaurant is also engaging to customers. You can invite an indie band or a countryside singer to set the mood right.

Moreover, you can also advertise in your local radio station or online community about your Flag Day party plans.

This promotional idea is practical since you are tapping most of your customer base to come and join the party you are holding.

Offer your customers a consumable entry fee to your party where they can use the incentives to order meals and beverages within their fee range.

  1. Send out newsletters

Engage with your regular customers personally and send newsletters about your celebration of Flag Day in your restaurant.

A newsletter helps you highlight the main agenda of your Flag Day celebration to your customers. You can feature specific announcements, reminders, promotions, and a patriotic message to your customers.

You can create a visually appealing newsletter and send it to your email list.

Final thoughts

Aside from the promotional ideas stated above, you can also put flags and other trinkets in your restaurant.

What are some of your creative ideas for Flag Day? Let us know in the comments!


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