Top 6 Weed Strains You Need To Try 

Dealing with the daily trivialities of life can be challenging, and it gets more complicated when you suffer from physical and mental limitations. Medicines and supplements can, to an extent, help, but their side effects and continuous dependency can cause long-lasting harm to your body.  To mitigate such challenges, many try to incorporate natural remedies like weed into their lifestyle that help subside their pain and offer a sense of relaxation from their illness. In many ways, marijuana may provide that respite for you as it’s known extensively to deal with several problems.                                                                                           

Why Marijuana?           

Derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, Cannabis or Marijuana comprises more than 120 components. Of all these elements, CBD and THC are known to have the most psychoactive tendencies. However, their research is still underway to determine the chemical properties of the other substances. Known for its remedial qualities, cannabis may provide short-term as well as long-term respite from various ailments such as: 

  • High blood pressure 
  • Drug and alcohol addiction relapse  
  • Anxiety and Depression 
  • Gastrointestinal problems 
  • Side effects of chemotherapy  
  • Epilepsy  

Due to all these reasons, cannabis receives widespread usage. You can also shop and look for marijuana dispensaries near me on google to get it for yourself. if you want to get it for yourself. Keeping in mind the consumer requirements and the advancement in Cannabis research, various weed strains have been developed with specific potency levels to tackle multiple physical and mental deficiencies.  

Most Popular Weed Strains  

1. King Louis  

As mentioned above, marijuana strains are designed to target a specific health-related issue. Sleep disorders and insomnia have become serious health issues, particularly among the younger generation. To tackle this, you can always use the King Louis marijuana strain, which acts as a herbal sleeping concoction.  

Comprising nearly 27% of the strain, THC is the primary cannabis component here. The sedative effects of this variant induce sleep instantaneously, so you can consume this right before you go to sleep. Additionally, the other health advantages of this strain are: 

  • Feeling of relaxation 
  • Anti-inflammation  
  • Pain relief  

2. Granddaddy Purple  

Explicitly used to deal with anxiety, depression, and nausea, the Granddaddy Purple is one of the most popular weed strains on the market. This variant comes in an exotic red wine flavour providing a musky taste to users.  

Ideally, it is considered the best for anxiety-related problems, but its relaxation traits may also be used to treat insomnia. The percentage of THC in the strain is somewhere around 23%.  

You can use the Granddaddy purple at night before sleeping or anytime in the day when you feel anxious and uneasy. Additionally, this strain might aid you if you seek solace from chronic pain.  

3. Platinum Cookies 

Stress is a daily struggle that we have to deal with, and it can manifest at the most inopportune time; and deal with the problem can be challenging. Explicitly designed to provide stress relief, the platinum cookie strain can deal with various aggravated pressure-oriented problems. It contains 22% THC, which enables relaxation with a sweet cookie-like taste.  

You can consume some platinum cookies after a long and busy day to sleep peacefully, or if you’re worried about completing a task, you can take them to channel your focus towards finding a solution.  

4. Grape Ape  

Regardless of age or physical structure, pain is a constant in your life. It may arise due to chronic illness or an injury you may have received. Using medicines to subside pain comes with its usual challenges and side effects.  

Hence, using the Grape Ape weed variant can be a great option to deal with bothering aches. The taste of this strain is similar to grape soda, and it’s a huge success among people who use medical marijuana.  

The Grape Ape also provides users a relaxed and euphoric feeling and relief from soreness usually associated with workout routines. Similar to other strains, the THC level is somewhere between 15% to 25%, depending on the type of production.  

5. Cinderella 99  

Energy is a crucial factor that determines your daily output. Lack of energy and focus may lead to an unhealthy lifestyle where you regularly lag behind your objectives and deadlines. The Cinderella 99 strain provides users with a sudden burst of energy.  

Whenever you feel low on energy and need to get some work done urgently, you can always consume the Cinderella 99 for long-lasting vigour. The THC quantity of the variant is somewhere between 18-22%.  

However, it is advised that overuse of this variant can lead to complications like paranoia and headaches, so try to consume only a specific amount.  

6. Vanilla Frosting  

For people who dabble in art as a hobby or professionally. For them having a certain level of creativity is always needed. However, due to various factors, always having a creative outlook isn’t possible.  

Hence, the Vanilla frosting cannabis variant is always a great idea to complement your creative juices and open your mind. It’s sweet, comes with around THC level and helps you put into words or provide a distinct vision for your inspirations.  


Marijuana makes it easier for you to deal with life’s challenges, and different strains of weed are catered to the individual requirement and necessities of the users. However, exemplary use is also advised, as an overdose can impact you adversely.