What Is Compression After Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a surgical modification that helps in improving an individual’s appearance. If you are looking into getting plastic surgery performed or you have already gone through the process, compression is a term that you might have come across.

One of the most popular benefits of compression after plastic surgery in India is that it helps to speed up your recovery process. Compression also helps in holding the incisions in place. It is a must-have in your post-surgery phase.

Compression post surgery is done with the help of compression garments that are available in different sizes, shapes and styles to fit every part of your body perfectly. Scroll below to understand more about the benefits of compression after plastic surgery. 

●    Reduce swelling

Swelling is a prominent side effect of almost all plastic surgery procedures. Whether it’s your breast, butt, or any other place, swelling can persist at the site of the incision for almost two weeks after surgery.

You can reduce the swelling with the help of a compression garment. The swelling won’t last for too long with continuous pressure on the surgery site.

●     Reduce pain

Apart from reducing swelling, maximum pressure using a compression garment can also reduce pain in the surgical area post your plastic surgery. Compression garments help in lessening your discomfort by providing support for your incision and holding that in a stable place.

This will in turn help you recover quickly. The compression garments will produce a continuous pressure on your tissue; therefore, it will help your body to observe any fluid that is leading to pain.

●    Provide support

Your body undergoes a huge procedure, irrespective of where the plastic surgery is performed. Skin sagging and lumping is a natural way for the body to cope up after such a massive procedure.

In order to achieve desired results post-surgery, you will further need to contour. Compression garments will help in this procedure by holding your skin along with the internal muscles and tissues in place while your body is healing.

●    Protect incision

An invasive plastic surgery in India will have a closing wound. Your plastic surgeon will require sutures, glue or surgical tape in order to close this. Your body can start healing only when the incision is closed properly. This will mean that you will want to protect the incision site in your body.

You will not want incisions to get caught on a thread or open back up. Compression garments provide support, that is one of the most efficient ways, in order to protect the incision site. A compression garment can secure your wound. By keeping the incision closed with a compression garment, you will be able to help with the healing process.

●    Reduce the risk of a blood clot

Blood clotting is a rare complication after plastic surgery.  But there is a risk of blood clot development with any surgery. A blood clot is created when the blood thickens into a mass and it mostly happens after an injury. Since your body considers plastic surgery as an injury, the blood in your body might try to protect itself and heal.

As compression garments help in increasing the blood flow in your veins, you will, in turn, have less risk of blood clotting in your post-surgery stage.

●     Increase blood circulation and blood flow

Compression garments help in increasing the overall temperature of your body. This further promotes increased blood flow circulation in your body. This is one of the most beneficial courses of action post surgery. As increased blood flow means your blood is rich in oxygen which is beneficial for your surgical area and also helps your body to recover quickly.

By increasing your circulation, it can also lessen your body swelling. 

To Sum It Up

Compression garment is one of the must-haves in your post-plastic surgery recovery treatment. It is one of the essential parts of your recovery process and you must never skip it. There are several benefits to why you must use proper compression garments. The compression garments are made in such a manner that they help in your recovery process. Compression also helps you to protect your incision part and helps your body maintain its structure post-surgery. BLK Max hospital should be your go to place for plastic surgery in India along with its after-treatment.

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