What is Instagram Two-Factor Authentication, How Is It Done?

https://sociallygo.uk is used by millions of people today. Since everyone prioritizes their security, they choose a strong password and do not share it with anyone. However, this does not mean that the accounts are “secure”.

Instagram is used by millions of people, most people spend time using it superficially, unaware of its features. One of these features, Instagram two-factor authentication, is used by those who want to keep their account more secure.

Because even if you do not share your password, a virus that enters your computer or phone can copy all your information, including passwords. Likewise, if a hacker wants to access your information, all he needs is seconds.

Instagram two-factor authentication, which is brought as a precaution, provides safe use by making you feel more secure. 

What is Instagram Two-Factor Authentication?

Since its first introduction, Instagram has brought many updates and introduced new features. The platform, which was less secure than today when it first came out, has introduced a series of measures to resolve this.

Thanks to these measures, every Instagram user has become a safer and more secure platform against attacks. A newly introduced feature, Instagram two-factor authentication, allows you to take this protection even higher.

If you activate this feature, when someone tries to log into your account with a device that is not recognized by Instagram, you will be prompted to enter a special login code. You also can confirm the entry.

There are two paper formats you should choose for this. The first is SMS, and the other is authentication applications provided by third parties. Programs such as Duo Mobile and Google Authenticator are some of them. If you don’t specify a method, you won’t be able to use Instagram two-factor authentication.

What is Instagram Recovery Code?

Instagram recovery code is an option used with two-factor authentication. If for some reason the required code cannot be sent to you, the Instagram recovery code will be activated. For this, it is obligatory to get a list; it is done as follows;

  1. Enter the Instagram mobile app.
  2. Open your profile with the icon in the lower right corner.
  3. From the top right corner of the screen, click the button with 3 lines below.
  4. Using the side-dropping menu, tap on settings from the bottom.
  5. In the tab that opens, find the security option and tap it. Then select the two-factor authentication button.
  6. Finally, tap on recovery codes.

Instagram also does recovery code cancellation. For this, you need to come to the two-factor authentication area with the steps we have given above. Then you can cancel the code you want on the screen that appears.

How to Set Up Instagram Two-Factor Authentication?

How to set up Instagram two-factor authentication? If you want to better ensure the security of your account, you should activate this feature as follows;

  1. Sign in to your Instagram record and open your profile.
  2. Tap the three-line icon at the top right of your profile account.
  3. A menu will then open to the left. Tap the settings icon at the bottom of that.
  4. Then tap on security and choose two-factor authentication.
  5. Then the application will direct you to the required area and send a message to your phone. Incoming SMS contains a 6-digit code. Write this in the required place on the application screen.

Since this code can be forgotten, it is recommended to take a screenshot of your recovery codes as described above. Thus, you can enter the platform without any problems with both recovery and two-factor authentication.

Using SMS in Instagram Two-Factor Authentication

There are two ways to do Instagram two-factor authentication. These are using third-party authentication applications or receiving SMS.

The most practical method is SMS, and you need to follow these steps for Instagram two-factor authentication;

  1. If your account is not logged in, log in.
  2. Access your account via your profile picture at the bottom right.
  3. Then go to the settings by tapping the three-line icon in the top right.
  4. By tapping the Security tab, tap the two-factor authentication option.
  5. Activate the text message you will see on the screen by tapping on the “Start Using” text.

If you have not confirmed your account via your mobile phone, you will be asked to write your phone number. After making sure that you entered the number correctly, use the next button.

Changing Two-Factor Authentication Phone Number

For Instagram two-factor authentication, you need to enter a phone number.

To change phone number in Instagram two-factor authentication;

  1. Log in to your Instagram record and open your profile.
  2. Tap the three lines in the top corner, and then select the settings icon.
  3. Then click on security and enter the two-factor authentication tab.
  4. If you have it turned on before, you must first turn it off. To do this, tap the sign next to the text message.
  5. The next screen will allow you to remove the old phone numbers used for verification. Here, simply tap the “close” icon.
  6. After that, you need to turn the two-factor authentication service back on. To do this, tap the icon next to the text message again.
  7. Here you have two options. Without entering a new code, tap the “change phone number” button that you will see under the “next” icon.
  8. Enter the corresponding number and press next.
  9. By typing the 6-digit security code on the screen, tap next again.
  10. After saving the recovery codes, click next to end all processes.

How to set up Instagram two-factor authentication? You can find all the details on the subject in this article where we have discussed the question. If you do all the steps correctly, you can use two-factor authentication and change the phone number.

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