10 Best Zinc and Magnesium Rich Foods you should Add to Your Diet

Searching for Zinc and Magnesium-rich foods for a vegan person is very difficult, and they don’t have many choices. Also, Zinc and magnesium are essential nutrients for the body. It fills your body with energy and increases muscle health. It also increases the testosterone level in men and helps in treating erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation. But there is hope for my vegan friends; here is the list of 10 foods containing zinc and magnesium that you may have in your kitchen, but you didn’t know about them and search for them on the internet, so check out this list of 10 best zinc and magnesium-rich foods.


 In your search for zinc and magnesium-rich foods, Almond tops the list because of its rich nutrient properties and zero trans fat composition. It is not also rich in micronutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fibre but rich in common minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, and magnesium. So adding a few grams of almonds to your breakfast is an excellent idea for your healthy diet. 

Dark Chocolate

  Umm, everyone’s favourite dark chocolate is so delicious and full of nutrients that after knowing their health benefits, you might want to empty the freeze. Dark chocolate is full of potassium, zinc, and magnesium. It also contains fibre and carbohydrates that will boost your energy levels. Anandamide found in dark chocolate will increase your overall mood and libido; that’s why it is also used as one of the Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation. Now you can run for your refrigerator and devour your stock of Dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate best source of zinc and magnesium


Cashew Nuts is pretty famous in Indian cuisine for its variety of uses, from sweets to curry. It’s not just tasty and expensive. It is full of Vitamin K, potassium, iron and is an excellent source of zinc and magnesium. So every piece of money you spend on cashew is worth your money and helps you achieve better health.


Chole bhature, a north Indian cousin consisting of chickpeas, is famous in the world. But do you know chickpeas are not only tasty but full of nutrients like calcium, iron, protein, and fibres? Also, if you are looking for Zinc and Magnesium-rich foods, then chickpeas also contain high amounts of zinc and magnesium to provide your body.


Now everyone knows how beneficial bananas are with their potassium-rich properties in increasing the testosterone level that helps in building muscle and increasing bedtime stamina. But apart from that, banana is also one of the sources of zinc and magnesium, and fibre that helps increase metabolism and immune system. So a banana with a glass of milk is always a healthier choice to pick.


Spinach is one of the vegetables highly rich in iron and potassium. Many people eat spinach to increase the amount of iron in the body naturally. But did you know spinach is also a portion of food containing zinc and magnesium? So eating spinach not only fills your body with iron but zinc and magnesium that provide energy to your body cells.


Tofu is an excellent source of protein for my vegan friends who search for animal-free substitutes for protein. It is an excellent source of fibre, calcium, and iron and the best source of zinc and magnesium for vegans. You can make many delicate dishes with tofu, so you never get out of ideas with tofu.


 Avocado is on this list of zinc and magnesium-rich foods, which is not a surprise. Apart from its richness in fibre, vitamin k and E is an excellent zinc and magnesium source. Avocado is a great fruit that can help you in improving digestion and fight depression. Along with these properties, many people eat them regularly to treat erectile dysfunction. So if you are looking for fruits rich in zinc and magnesium, then avocado should be the first to go inside of your basket.

Red Kidney Beans 

Red kidney beans are a great source of protein and fibre and a safe option for vegans. You can get plenty of cooking options with it and many nutrients like zinc, magnesium, iron, and Vitamin C. If you are designing a balanced diet, then include red kidney beans for tasty and nutritious options.

Oat Meals 

oatmeal foods containing zinc and magnesium

 In recent times many people have moved towards oatmeals to get a healthier diet. Yes, it’s a great choice, and if you haven’t decided yet, then this is your time to switch to oatmeals. Oatmeal is the best source of zinc and magnesium, iron, vitamin A, E, and C. So get oatmeal in your diet.

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Bottom Line 

  Most of the Zinc and magnesium-rich foods in this list are very easy to find near your store. Hopefully, you got some of these foods in your storage, then try to cook them and enjoy a healthy meal in the morning and Night.